Ashton Irwin's Snapchat Name Is Your Middle School Screen Name

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Joining his bandmate Luke Hemmings on the public Snapchat train, Ashton Irwin now has Snapchat. On Tuesday night (Dec. 20), he revealed to the world — in the drummer's words — his "11-year-old Hotmail name" that now acts as his Snapchat username. Here we have astroashton1994 (why am I so old), which is legitimately the screen name of your middle school AIM days. Bless you, Ashton Irwin, for resurrecting a username so pure and simultaneously so fetus.

Irwin took to Twitter Tuesday night to let 5 Seconds of Summer fans in on his plan for a public Snapchat, revealing that he already has a private Snapchat — but that one's off-limits for the general public (and with a "lol, typical Irwin" explanation like the one below, it's not hard to see why).

"I think I am going to give in and make a public snapchat so I can capture me and people around me living out the human experience, sound ok?" he tweeted to his 6.11 million followers. "I did already have a snapchat, but that was for sending pictures of my nipples, so yeah, let's forget about that one ha. Ha Ha," he joked ("joked"?) Sorry, Calum Hood.

As for the meaning behind his Snapchat username/11-year-old Irwin's Hotmail email address, the 5SOS drummer revealed it's because he was a die-hard fan of Astro Boy, a 2009 movie with Freddie Highmore and a Japanese manga series-turned-TV show long before that.

So far, Irwin's Snap story has consisted of a selfie with a Sydney geofilter and a photo of himself sitting in a crib, which totally fits in with his throwback username. I can only imagine what the rest of his stories will hold.

Merry Christmas, 5SOS fans — and hopefully before the end of this year Michael Clifford and Calum Hood will grace us with their own Snapchats, too.