Aubrey Plaza Trolled Joe Biden On Twitter & The Reason Why Is Hilarious

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Ah, to be the most famous person in your home state. That dream recently came true for actress Aubrey Plaza, who trolled former Vice President Joe Biden after Delaware Online declared Plaza, a Wilmington native, "Delaware's most famous person" on April 25. That day, Plaza, who goes by @evilhag on Twitter, reminded Biden — who was born in Pennsylvania but served Delaware in Congress for decades — about the result. "What's up, @JoeBiden," she joked, tweeting a link to the article.

More recently, on May 2, Plaza appeared on Conan O'Brien's show, and she brought up the incident again. "I was trolling [Biden] on Twitter because I was like, how did this happen? How do you — you were vice president. But I'm just really famous there for many things, I guess," she said. "I didn't ask for this."

Plaza's popularity in Delaware became clear after The News Journal held a survey in mid-April about the state's most famous person. Out of a list of 20 people — including Biden, the famous American surgeon Henry Heimlich, and ex-communications director for former President Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign Dan Pfeiffer — people had to decide who was the most famous person in the Blue Hen State.

While speaking with Delaware Online, Plaza responded to the result with her quintessentially deadpan humor. "You have spoken and I hear you. I will do my best to represent Delaware in the strangest way possible," she said. "I'm so honored and incredibly surprised. But deep down, I feel like I've accomplished nothing. I feel empty inside."

Plaza has a funny theory as to why she is so famous in Delaware. While talking to O'Brien, Plaza recalled dressing up in a chicken costume after working at a community theater. She said she went to a local McDonald's and asked for a "20-piece human McNugget." When Plaza, who was also joined by kids in chicken costumes, was told that the fast-food joint had chicken nuggets, she "screamed and squawked" along with the kids and ran outside. That "probably" upped her public ranking, she joked.

Here's the actress talking about the hilarious and bizarre incident.

So, what happens now that Plaza is Delaware's most famous person? The comedienne told Delaware Online, "My goal is to put Delaware on the map for something other than that stupid 1990s Wayne's World reference everyone quotes to me whenever I tell them where I'm from." She went on, "I mean, there is extraterrestrial life out there. I think we should start a campaign to have them visit Delaware first so we can be known for being the first state for something really cool."

Although Delaware doesn't have the same reputation as, say, New York or California, the actress also told Delaware Online that she was proud to be from the state. "There is something in the water or the Grotto Pizza sauce that makes us all freaks," Plaza said.

"We need to embrace that," she added, "and let our freak flags fly because we are number one and no one can bring us down."

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Plaza soar to fame after playing the role of the amusingly cynical and unmoved April Ludgate in the NBC comedy show, Parks and Recreations. If you're one for pop culture tidbits, Biden is originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, which may be a cool factoid for Office fans.

Other people to have been ranked as popular-in-Delaware include the iconic jazz musician Clifford Brown (right after Plaza!), liberal political commentator Bill Press, WNBA player and Olympic gold medalist Elena Delle Donne, Academy Award nominee Elizabeth Shue, and a few others.

Yet Plaza tops them all in the fame index. Upon accepting the title of most popular in her home state, she gave fellow Delawareans some advice: "Just Dewey it."