Beyoncé's Mom Sweetly Reacts To The Baby News

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The stork is officially on its way. Beyoncé made the surprising announcement to fans on Wednesday, Feb. 1 that she and Jay Z are expecting twins. And while the news certainly took most of us by surprise, I can only bet that the shocking reveal was just as exciting for her own family members. Beyoncé's mom, Tina Knowles Lawson, shared her feelings on Instagram, revealing her understandable elation over not having to hold the happy family secret any longer. And judging by her message, the grandmother of two is absolutely overjoyed to be adding two new babes into the family fold.

Beyoncé, no doubt, has a very close bond with her mother and sister, Solange. Their warmth and closeness can most definitely be felt through photos of their family gatherings and in the respective music of both sisters. And now that the Knowles-Cater Family is gearing up to expand that familial love, welcoming not one, but two, bundles of joy, Bey's mama shared her overwhelming gratitude via social media, graciously thanking God for the blessing, as well as fans and friends who have been offering their well wishes for the talented clan ever since the big news dropped on Wednesday afternoon.

Knowles Lawson captioned the widely shared picture of her eldest daughter embracing her growing baby bump,

"WOW I don't have to keep the secret anymore. I am soooo happy. God is so good, twin blessings. Thank you for all your well wishing beautiful messages. I appreciate them soo much."

Although there's been no official word from the expectant father, Jay Z, or soon-to-be auntie, Solange, just yet, I'm sure that they're also over the moon about the new babies on board. Both Bey and her sister currently each have one child that seem to share their own special bond and I'm sure that the Jayoncé twins will fit into the growing brood just fine.

Hey, with all of the superstar talent heading up this billion dollar family, I've got to imagine that we'll be seeing some little performers emerging from this empire in the years to come.

I guess, as Jay Z would put it, #TheDynastyContinues. Congrats!