Bless Amazon Prime For These 36 Genius $5 Finds

In the past, when I was tapped out and it was a long way until payday but I was jonesing to use my credit card, I'd drive myself to the local dollar store and stroll the aisles looking for a good haul. These days, cheap and absolutely ingenious bargain shopping that makes me feel happy without stressing my wallet exists without having to leave the house — and I for one would just like to say bless Amazon Prime for these genius $5 finds.

Face it: Amazon Prime is basically the world on your doorstep. I just recently discovered Amazon Wardrobe, and I'd never leave my house again if it weren't that I need someplace to wear all these clothes. And seriously, you can get all the primo high-end luxury merch you want via Jeff Bezos' retail juggernaut. Best of all, even though all this stuff is only $5 or less, it's available via Prime delivery. That's some fast shipping you can count on.

When you look at all the other benefits you get for being a Prime member, the fact that you can get that affordable-but-magical tongue scraper in two days because you gotta have, I'd argue that that's magic.

1. A Whisk That's Fast And Easy With Its Plunger-Style Operation

Mikey Store Whisk, $5, Amazon

An outstanding addition to your utensil drawer, not only is this whisk perfect for anyone with hand strength issues due to conditions such as arthritis, but it's just plain old faster and less tiring than the traditional version. Made from professional-grade stainless steel, it's corrosion-resistant and top-rack dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up. Imagine how much easier the constant stirring involved in sauces like hollandaise will be with this whisk on your side, or the ease of using it to froth up some whipped cream without dirtying your huge stand mixer.


2. This Hanger Means Your Scarves Will Get Worn So Much More Often

InterDesign Scarf Closet Organizer, $5, Amazon

I love scarves, but I never wore mine until I liberated them from my drawers — and when I didn't see them, I didn't wear them. Get this hanger and wear yours more often, too. It's made from durable steel with a chrome finish, and the five continuous, snag-free loops of varying sizes keep even the thickest scarves handy to accessorize any outfit in style. It's suitable for any standard closet rod, too.


3. This Sponge Adds The Power Of Charcoal To Your Health And Beauty Routine For Less

Spongeables Charcoal Body Wash In A Sponge, $5.99, Amazon

Charcoal has been the hottest ingredient in the beauty world for a hot minute now, and this sponge incorporates the miracle powder deep down inside to detoxify and exfoliate your body while you scrub. You'll be living the spa life for less as you enjoy an aromatherapy experience, too, with your choice of one of four scents — and they're all infused with a mélange of shea butter, olive oil, and vitamin E.


4. These Stretchy Bookmarks Not Only Hold Your Place But Point Right To It

Rienar Silicone Finger Point Bookmarks, $5 (5 Pack), Amazon

Bookworms of all ages will fall for these bookmarks that stretch around your reading material to hold your place and feature a pointing hand that you can adjust to indicate where you left off down to the very word. Crafted from flexible silicone, they're super-cute and lay almost flat inside your book when it's closed — and the five-pack comes in a variety of colors. It'll make a great gift for the reader in your life, too.


5. A Case That Organizes And Protects Your Electronics And All Their Accessories

Klouds Kingdom Electronic Accessories Case, $5, Amazon

Think of how much money you've invested into all of your electronic devices. Seriously, isn't another five bucks for this case worth it to provide some protection for the phone, tablet, e-reader, whatever, you use every day? Crafted from heavy-duty, water-repellent nylon, it features a mesh pocket on one side and a pocket with a Velcro closure on the other. In the second compartment, you'll find elastic straps to secure cords and peripherals as well as writing utensils.


6. These Insoles Will Make You Feel Like A Million Bucks For So Much Less

Dr. Foot Insoles, $5.40 (1 Pair), Amazon

Specially engineered with high arches to alleviate foot pain and prevent fatigue, these insoles are perfect if you're on your feet all day at work, enjoy outdoor activities that have you pounding the pavement, or suffer from flat feet. They're crafted from high-quality foam that's flexible and soft, but rigid enough to stand up to miles of use, and they're topped with a velvety plush.


7. These Razors Will Seriously Change Your Life

Shiseido Facial Razors, $5.35 (3 Pack), Amazon

Do not pass go, do not collect $200 — just go ahead and buy these razors. I'll admit, I was skeptical, but I thought "Heck, for the price, I'll give them a try." Then I bought them and I fell in love. I hate plucking my eyebrows, and you' spend twice as much as this to get your brows waxed just once. With these razors, you'll be able to groom your brows quickly and easily, and best of all, error-free. They're also fantastic for things like dermaplaning to exfoliate skin.


8. A Tool That's The Size Of A Pen But Performs The Function Of Four Screwdrivers

Jakemy Multibit Pocket Screwdriver, $5, Amazon

Incorporating four tools into one compact body, this pocket screwdriver features two dual-headed bits that are magnetized, and have non-slip textured surfaces so they attract and hold small screws. With a soft, comfortable grip, you'll use it for so many things: Fixing your glasses, tightening screws on your electronics, assembling toys for the little folks in your life, and getting into the battery compartments of the endless remote controls you have lying around your house.


9. This Silicone Blossom Mini-Trivet Can Be Used So Many Different Ways

Spice Rachet Silicone Blossom Multi-Use Mini Trivet, $5, Amazon

Flower-shaped and crafted from heat-resistant silicone, this trivet can be used for so many things: Of course you can use it to protect your surfaces from hot casseroles and pots or pans, but you can also stretch it around hot beverages to serve as a cup sleeve, insert it between fine china plates to pad them for storage, use them during canning — and they even have many decorative purposes.


10. The Oil That Will Moisturize And Strengthen Your Nails

Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil, $5, Amazon

Formulated to soften your hard and jagged cuticles — and to promote healthy nails that will grow long and strong — this cuticle oil will make your home manicure feel more like one from the salon. Packing 4000 IU's of vitamin E, this treatment from household name Sally Hansen is designed to stave off any nail issues you might have before they start, and it absorbs quickly so your hands aren't slippery and greasy. It's salon- and dermatologist-tested, too.


11. A Tool That Makes Slicing Your Pizza Quick And Easy

Smartwares Rock'n Roll Pizza Cutter, $5.99, Amazon

Safe enough even for a kid to use, this pizza cutter is like an oversized mezzaluna — a half moon — but it's only sharp enough to slice through your pie with ease, and it won't scratch your pizza pan, either. Made from tough plastic that's top-rack dishwasher-safe, your pizza won't stick to the cutting edge, and you simply use a rocking motion to slice.


12. This Caddy Keeps All Your Bedroom Essentials Handy

ILOVESHOP Bedside Storage Organizer, $5, Amazon

When you're relaxing in bed, the last thing you want to do is try to remember where you left your phone. This bedside organizer keeps everything in place so you don't have to keep chasing it all down. Made from sturdy Oxford cloth with a board that you slide underneath your mattress, it features mesh pockets for everything you need to keep close at hand.


13. These Lids Aren't Only Practical, They Add A Hint Of Whimsy To Food Storage

ME.FAN Silicone Suction Lids, $5 (3 Pack), Amazon

With little piggy faces, these lids put the fun in functional. Made from 100 percent food-grade silicone that's FDA-approved and BPA-free, these lids seal tight on any smooth bowl, pot, or pan rim to make your containers air-tight and preserve your foods. They're an environmentally-friendly storage solution, too, eliminating the need for disposable wraps, and will clean up easily by hand washing — or you can just throw the heat-resistant silicone in the dishwasher.


14. This Spray Is A Purse-Sized Version Of The Beloved Bathroom Odor-Eliminator

Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray, $5, Amazon

A favorite for eliminating embarrassing toilet odors before they have a chance to spread, this spray is a purse-sized version of the cult classic. Just give the bowl a quick spritz before you go, and no one will ever know you've been getting down to business. It's completely chemical-free, and it's made strictly of essential oils like lemon and bergamot. Poo-Pourri is also great for other noxious odors emanating from like gross diaper pails and smelly laundry, and it's safe for any septic tank.


15. This Gadget Makes Peeling Oranges And Mangoes A Breeze

Chef'n Zeel Peel Orange Peeler, $5, Amazon

Made from one sturdy, solid piece of plastic, this peeler makes short work of removing the skin from oranges — in fact, it'll do it for any large citrus fruit you have around —and mangoes. The unique design enables you to score the outside of the skin, then lift the skin with a tapered corner. You simply slide the lifted skin through the opener to pry it loose. Best of all, the tool is dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.


16. The Little Holder That's Lightweight And Super Versatile

ADS Amtopsell, $5, Amazon

Suitable for either your smartphone or your tablet, this device holder is crafted from aluminum so it's both durable and lightweight. Whether you use it for your Apple or Android phone or tablet, you'll be able to watch videos hands-free and to your heart's delight, or use it as a convenient mount for your e-reader. With seven different color choices, you'll want to pick up one for yourself and one for everyone you know.


17. These Cases Protect Your Toothbrush From Germs And Help With Storage, Too

Flipper Toothbrush Holders, $5.60 (2 Pack), Amazon

Sorry, germaphobes, but your toothbrush is literally covered with bacteria. Experts say one of the best ways to keep it hygienic is to protect it with a plastic toothbrush cover like this one. Its ingenious is has a suction cup on the back, letting you hang your brush on the wall when it's not in use for easy storage, but the cup detaches so that the cover can serve as a standalone travel case when you hit the road.


18. This Kit Will Turn You Into Dr. Pimple Popper Right At Home

BS-MALL Blackhead Remover Kit, $4 (Set of 4), Amazon

Now you can act out your favorite action scenes from Dr. Pimple Popper's videos in the privacy of your own home with this kit designed to help you perform your own extractions. This four-piece set is great for removing blemishes, acne, blackheads, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads, and it features an attractive rose gold finish and texturized grips that enable you to handle the tools with ease.


19. This Set Of Tiny Flashlights Gives You A Pop Of Light When You're On The Go

Elecrainbow Mini Keychain Flashlights, $5 (4 Pack), Amazon

Finished with clip tops, these keychain flashlights can be attached wherever you want a quick pop of light: Of course your keychain is a natural, but think of your backpack, your bike basket, your dog's collar — basically, the possibilities are endless. Clip them on, then when the need arises, the powerful LED illumination is right where you need it to provide up to 12 hours of illumination. The set comes in assorted colors, one each of blue, red, black, and silver.


20. An Adorable Headband Will Take Your Mask Routine To The Next Level

Etude House My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hair Band, $5.05, Amazon

While you're stocking up on skincare products from K-beauty standout Etude House, treat yourself to this adorable headband and set your next mask night en fuego. Made from soft and plush fabric with an elastic gather and cute cat ears, it simply slips over your head to push your hair back. Both unique and useful, it's a great purchase for beauty lovers of all ages.


21. This Wallet-Sized Multi-Tool Does So Much For Such A Low Price

SE Stainless Steel Survival Tool, $4, Amazon

Credit card-sized so you can just slip it in your wallet, this multi-tool is the ace you'll want to have up your sleeve the next time you need to MacGyver your way out of a tricky situation. Engineered from stainless steel, it incorporates 11 functions in its slim body: A can opener and a bottle cap opener, a bevy of wrenches, a knife edge, a saw blade, a screwdriver, and a ruler. It also features a keychain hole so you have the option of carrying it with your keys.


22. A Container That Delivers Air-Tight Storage For Less

Prepworks by Progressive Mini ProKeeper, $5.60, Amazon

Perfect for spices, baking soda and other dry goods, and lots of other food items, this container provides air-tight storage with a top that includes a leveler and a sliding dusting screen. This BPA-free, dishwasher-safe container features a 1.5-cup capacity, a latch that ensures that the lid stays tightly closed, and a high-quality silicone seal to ensure your items stay fresh. Plus, it's part of a complete family of matching containers that are equally as cost-effective — go ahead and do up your whole pantry if that's your thing.


23. A Little Gadget To Give You A Perfect Egg Every Time

Chef Buddy Microwave Egg Maker, $5.99, Amazon

Get perfect eggs from the microwave every time with this device that gives 'em to you light and fluffy in under a minute. Crafted from BPA-free polypropylene and top-shelf dishwasher-safe, you simply crack up to two eggs into the cup for sunny side up, or scramble if that's what you prefer — you can even add toppings for a mini omelet. One reviewer writes it "couldn't be more convenient," and another says it cooked the egg "perfectly."


24. These Charcoal Toothbrushes Come From One Of Your Favorite Dental Health Brands

Colgate Charcoal Toothbrushes, $4 (3 Pack), Amazon

Imports from beloved dental health brand Colgate's Asian division these toothbrushes deliver the performance you trust from this household name along with all the benefits of charcoal. You know Colgate makes a great toothbrush, and these are no exception: They feature considerable slimmer bristles at the tip to reach along your gum line and in between teeth to eliminate plaque. And of course, these are also infused with activated charcoal to whiten your teeth and balance your mouth's pH, creating a hostile environment for bacteria and stopping tooth decay before it starts.


25. These Little Clear Hooks Will Keep Your Glasses From Slipping

Keepons, $3 (3 Pair), Amazon

If you love your glasses but hate how you have to keep pushing them up all the time, these little hooks are for you. Thread them on to the temples of your glasses, and they'll sit right behind your ears and keep your glasses firmly in place. Hundreds of reviewers rave about these unique eyewear accessories — plus, they're even suitable for kids' glasses and "make the world of difference," as one reviewer notes.


26.These Brushes Are Terrific For Applying Your Favorite Mask

Opiqcey Silicone Face Mask Brushes, $5 (2 Pack), Amazon

Enjoy applying your favorite face mask just a little bit more with these brushes. Crafted with silicone bristles that don't shed or retain germs or bacteria, they make it easy to apply a thin layer of product evenly — and they're hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin. Easy to clean with just water, these brushes are the perfect addition to your beauty routine.


27. This Funnel That Folds Up For Easy Storage

TONSEE Foldable Funnel, $4, Amazon

Crafted from 100 percent food-grade silicone, this funnel has the unique capability of collapsing to a width of approximately half an inch for easy storage. It's heat-resistant, meaning you can use it even for boiling liquids — including hot sauces and anything coming straight off of the stove — and it's dishwasher-safe.


28. These Brush Cleaners Are Effective And Adorable

MONSTINA Makeup Brush Cleaners, $5 (Set of 2), Amazon

With their cute egg shape and charming pastel colors, these brush cleaners could almost be forgiven if they didn't quite do their job, but the good news is that they're just as effective as they are adorable. Crafted from soft and high-quality silicone, they provide both grooves and nubs for you to agitate your makeup brushes against — simply add your favorite cleaner and treat those expensive brushes with care.


29.This Board Not Only Helps Fold Your Shirts, It Gives You The Directions

Household Essentials Shirt Folding Board, $5, Amazon

With a handy chart that provides step-by-step directions on getting the perfectly-folded shirt, this board not only provides a great physical guide for getting your shirt folds straight, but it also gives you a pictogram for getting there, too. The handle easily slips around a hanger and will hang underneath a garment for easy storage, plus you can use the same handle to slip it easily out of your folded shirts.


30. A Tool That Easily Cores And Slices Your Pineapple

Super Z Outlet Pineapple Tool, $5.99, Amazon

Delicious fresh pineapple is actually easy to eat for a change with this tool that cores and slices the fruit all at the same time. Simply cut the top off of your pineapple then plunge the tool into the fruit — it creates perfectly-shaped rings while keeping the shell intact to use as a bowl if you choose. Made from stainless steel, this tool is durable and dishwasher safe.


31. This Caddy Straddles The Center Of Your Sink And Keeps Your Stuff Straight

NYKKOLA Double Sink Caddy, $5, Amazon

Get your sink clutter rounded up with this caddy that straddles the center divider and provides storage for sponges, scrubbers, and everything you don't want sitting down in the water — because that's what helps it grow bacteria, too. With no need for suction, this caddy has ample storage space, plus plenty of drainage to ensure that your tools can air dry quickly while staying clean and contained.


32. A Tool That Helps Remove Bacteria From The Source Of Most Bad Breath

Pureline Oralcare Tongue Cleaner, $5.95, Amazon

Plenty of odor-causing bacteria that lives in the mouth are thought to make their home on the tongue, and this scraper will help you eliminate this cause of potentially embarrassing halitosis. Your tongue accumulates plaque film during sleep, so use this durable plastic scraper to comfortably remove that film as an important part of your daily oral health routine every morning.


33. These Ties Are The Most Versatile Little Item For Everything Around Your House

Nite Ize Gear Ties, $3 (4 Pack), Amazon

Flexible and reusable, these ties are so versatile and helpful — so once you buy your first pack, you'll wonder why you didn't stock up on them sooner. With a tough rubber exterior that coats a super-strong wire, you can use them to keep your computer cords neat, wrap headphones, close food packaging, and a million other small jobs around your home, office, and workshop.


34. An Avocado Tool That Does It All

Vremi 3-In-1 Avocado Tool, $5, Amazon

A safe alternative cutter to replace your knives when it comes to peeling, pitting, slicing, and mashing everyone's favorite fruit, this avocado tool is a real time-saver in the kitchen. The sharp edge cuts right through the skin, then the stainless steel metal pitter takes the seed right out. Finally, the slotted comb either scoops or slices the meat with ease. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.


35. This Little Bottle Helps You Get Compliant And It Won't Leak, Either

Dot&Dot Travel Bottle, $5, Amazon

Anyone who travels needs to add this bottle to their toiletries kit: With its 3-ounce capacity, not only is it TSA-compliant, but it features a unique anti-leakage design that means you won't arrive to find your beauty supplies all over your wardrobe. Made from silicone, it's squeezable, too, so you can easily dispense your products without spillage or dripping. They're also 100 percent BPA-free, so you can even tote along baby food without worry!


36. These Drink Accessories Help You Save Mother Earth One Straw At A TIme

Cylaplex Stainless Steel Straws, $5.99 (Set of 8), Amazon

Since we're dumping tons of plastic into our oceans each year, buying these straws is a sensible and inexpensive way to reduce the impact waste is having on our planet — and frankly, look stylish while you're doing it, too. At 10.5 inches, these are designed to fit your oversized tumbler, and they're unbreakable, completely corrosion-resistant, and dishwasher-safe. They also come with a brush to clean inside the straws.

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