Bless Amazon Prime For These 36 Genius $5 Finds

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In the past, when I was tapped out and it was a long way until payday but I was jonesing to use my credit card, I'd drive myself to the local dollar store and stroll the aisles looking for a good haul. These days, cheap and absolutely ingenious bargain shopping that makes me feel happy without stressing my wallet exists without having to leave the house — and I for one would just like to say bless Amazon Prime for these genius $5 finds.

Face it: Amazon Prime is basically the world on your doorstep. I just recently discovered Amazon Wardrobe, and I'd never leave my house again if it weren't that I need someplace to wear all these clothes. And seriously, you can get all the primo high-end luxury merch you want via Jeff Bezos' retail juggernaut. Best of all, even though all this stuff is only $5 or less, it's available via Prime delivery. That's some fast shipping you can count on.

When you look at all the other benefits you get for being a Prime member, the fact that you can get that affordable-but-magical tongue scraper in two days because you gotta have, I'd argue that that's magic.

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