Britney Spears Is Heading To The Big Screen With A Cameo Role In Ed Helms' New Film

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's been over 15 years since Britney Spears graced the silver screen in the iconic coming of age movie, Crossroads, and most would argue that it's at least 10 years too long. But now in 2019 — apparently is the year that dreams come true, — Britney Spears has a cameo in the movie Corporate Animals, which stars Demi Moore and Jessica Williams.

The news that Brit Brit is making a cameo in the indie film came as a surprise on Monday, Jan. 28, not just to the masses but one of the film's stars, Williams, who learned about the surprising guest appearance during an interview with the Los Angeles Times at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. During the interview, the film's director, Patrick Brice, revealed that, thanks to "a series of connections we were able to get 10 minutes of her time to record this, which is so awesome."

Williams' genuine reaction to learning she was going to be in a movie with Spears was to gasp and declare, "That is awesome." What came next is even more awesome, because Brice explained that Britney Spears will play "The ghost of Britney Spears," when one of the characters hallucinates seeing her. Moore then cut in to explain that the character has gangrene, which explains the hallucinations. Maybe Brit Brit will appear to that character to encourage him to go on because he's "stronger than yesterday." The possibilities seem endless though, really, for this horror comedy movie that's premiering at Sundance.

Another star of Corporate Animals, Ed Helms responded to the news that dropped on Twitter, writing, "Speaking as a producer and actor in this movie, I can confirm that this is both TRUE and EXTREMELY COOL!" Corporate Animals in general sounds cool, as it follows a team of coworkers who go on an outdoorsy team-building weekend that goes horrifyingly awry, but adding Britney to the mix definitely upgrades it to the "extremely cool" classification, as Helms suggested.

While Spears has had a few cameo appearances on TV shows like Glee and How I Met Your Mother in the past decade or so, the fact that she hasn't appeared on the big screen since Crossroads makes this news incredibly exciting for the pop icon's fans. Apparently, that includes Williams, who told Brice, "I've gotta hear the outtakes. Are there outtakes?" The director responded, "I have a full recording." And now that everyone knows that this recording of Britney Spears on a movie set exists, Brice should probably expect a crowd of rampant Spears fans to demand those tapes.

The news that Britney Spears will make a seemingly spooky appearance in a new movie comes as an even greater relief for the singer's fans who might be worried about their girl in the light of her recent family crisis that led her to take an "indefinite hiatus" from her Las Vegas residency. If there ever were a time that fans needed to see Brit Brit — who's been uncharacteristically quiet on social media this month — it's now. Hopefully Corporate Animals will have its wide release soon so everyone can soak in the glory of Britney Spears on the big screen.