Britney Spears Causes An Israeli Election To Be Delayed — Yep, Really

By Mathew Jedeikin
Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The iconic Britney Spears is going on an international tour this summer, and because of her planned concert in Israel, the country's Labour party has decided to postpone it's primary election by a day, according to Times of Israel. Yes, Britney Spears is causing an Israeli election to be delayed. No, I'm not even joking with you. The party's officials literally postponed an election and are citing Spears' show as the reason for their decision to do so.

Spears is performing in numerous international cities as part of an upcoming summer tour. So far, Spears has only announced dates in Tel Aviv, Israel, Tokyo, Japan, and Manila, Philippines. However, it’s been rumored that she could be adding more dates.

Spears is confirmed to perform in Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Park on July 3, which is the same day that Israel’s Labour party had scheduled their election. Because of logistical problems and the likelihood of traffic resulting from her concert, the party decided to reschedule the election for the following day.

"We put it back one day to July 4," former party leader and defense minister Amir Peretz explained of the party’s decision, according to The Telegraph. "They said there were likely to be traffic jams." Apparently party officials expect that gridlock on key Tel Aviv roads surrounding the concert venue could interfere with the election.


Additionally, as the The Telegraph points out, several polling places were planned for the Tel Aviv exhibition grounds, which is adjacent to Hayarkon Park where Spears will be performing. Sources also suggested to Haaretz newspaper that a shortage of security guards available on July 3 may also have contributed to the party's decision.

Regarding the new date for the election, Peretz said, "American independence day has a lot of messages we can take on board. The 4th July suits us very well."


So, yeah, Israel's Labour party has rescheduled its primary election to avoid overlapping with a Britney Spears concert. That's how it goes in 2017.