Carole Attends Dorinda's 'Real Housewives Of New York' Memorial Service & It Cements Their Friendship In A Whole New Way

Matthew Eiseman/Bravo

None of the women on Real Housewives Of New York are housewives in the slightest, but it’s not necessarily through any fault of their own. Some of the women are divorced, but Dorinda and Carole are widows, left early by men they loved and who loved them back. They’ve bonded over this shared tragedy, but Carole and Dorinda cemented their friendship on Real Housewives Of New York when Carole attended Dorinda’s late husband’s special memorial service.

Carole and Dorinda bonded over their experiences with their late husbands and their illnesses when Dorinda accompanied Carole to pick up Carole’s late husband’s ashes in London. The church where he was interred was being knocked down to make luxury housing (this is morbidly funny to me), and Carole had to find a new place to put her hubby. In London, Carole and Dorinda went deep about their lives and what it was like to lose a husband, and in the Berkshires in the May 10 episode, Carole repaid the favor by attending a five-year anniversary memorial for Dorinda’s late husband, Richard. Both women spoke about how comfortable they are with the other, probably because they don’t need the small talk. These women will always, as Carole said, understand each other in a way that other women could not possibly.

Dorinda is brash and Carole kind of hangs back when the drama happens on Real Housewives Of New York, so I think that these two are a perfect pair. I like that their misfortunes just cut through the crap and let these two ladies just be. There’s no rest for the wicked on a show like Real Housewives Of New York, but when Carole and Dorinda are together, they can just hang a little easier.