Celine Dion Just Wore Latex Socks (Really)

Victor Boyko/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you thought the surprising summer styles were going to slow down, think again. In true icon form, Céline Dion wore latex socks with sandals while in Paris. Believe it or not, they actually looked pretty great too. Once you see the way that the singer styled this accessory, you're going to be on the hunt for the accessory.

Unconventional fashion is having a serious moment. There's been see-through "jeans" and denim underwear, but this time it's not a mannequin wearing the style. According to Cosmopolitan, Dion stepped out onto the streets of Paris wearing red latex socks with her Gucci heels. Yes, you read that right. She paired the bold look with a baseball-style sweatsuit with red striped down the sides and sequin top.

While some people have worn latex socks over their shoes or opted for skin-tight boots, this was a bit different. In the photos you can clearly see that these are socks. They go under the front strap of the shoe and right up against the back of the shoe. There's no word on here Dion bought the socks of how in the world she got them on, but she's absolutely killing it in the quirky meets high-end fashion.

Let's be honest, it's tough to pull off an unconventional look. The key is to make it look as normal as possible while still making a statement. It's an art, really. Dion's outfit was the perfect mix of chic and unconventional. This is how you do it, my friends.

It really doesn't get more cool than this. While it might not be the next most-wearable trend, it will be exciting to see if she owns this quirky accessory in more than one color.