Chef Ben Robinson Cooking Videos To Watch When You Miss Him On ‘Below Deck’

Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

When Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 sets sail on May 2, Ben Robinson will not be the chef manning the reality show's galley. The news still stings, right? Back in February, the yachtie announced that he will be taking some time away from the Bravo franchise, and my heart has been caterwauling ever since. But do you know what I do to help mitigate the pain? I watch YouTube and Instagram videos of Chef Ben cooking and talking about food, that is what.

Wait, wait, wait. Before I continue, let me make something clear: I shall give Chef Adam Glick a fair shake. My heart is open. I am ready to see what he brings to the table (pun intended) on Below Deck Med Season 2. I may be a diehard Chef Ben stan, but I am not a total monster. I will root for Glick. And I will also miss Robinson. I can do both. I contain multitudes.

OK, time to get back to the Chef Ben content. Here are some videos of Robinson doing the thing he does best. (Well, other than “going toe-to-toe with Kate Chastain,” that is. That truly is his number-one skill in my eyes.)

Want To Watch Chef Ben & Emily Warburton-Adams Make A White Bean Salad & Sauté Chicken?

Here you go.

Want To Watch Chef Ben Slice Up Some Potatoes?

You’re in luck.

Want To Watch Chef Ben Talk About Alkalizing?

Whoomp, there it is.

Want To Watch Chef Ben Make A Conch Ceviche?

Wham, bam, you’re welcome, ma’am.

Want To Watch Chef Ben Take A Break From Cooking So He Can Zip Around On A Hoverboard?

Your dream has come true.

Want To Watch Chef Ben & Emily Make Hummus?

Then this is the video for you.

Want To Watch Chef Ben Slice Up Chicken?

Simple yet effective.

Want To Watch Chef Ben Beg You To Eat Your Vegetables?

Whenever I eat veggies from here on out, I will think, "This one's for you, Chef Ben."

And with that, I shall go scour my fridge for alkalis.