Chris Miller Tweets Perfect Han Solo Movie Joke

Lucasfilm Ltd.

Lord and Miller’s Han Solo movie has only just begun shooting, and the jokes are already flowing like Natty Light from a freshly tapped keg. To commemorate the first day of filming, co-director Chris Miller tweeted a photo of the Star Wars spinoff's clapperboard and paired it with a perfect caption: “Han First Shot.” Be still my heart.

20 years later, and that notorious scene from the A New Hope re-release is still the gift that keeps on giving. (Or maybe it's the gift that keeps on Greedoing?) (Ugh, you're right. That one didn't work.) Holy Salacious B. Crumb, what a tremendous play on "Han shot first." I really couldn't be more in the palm of this movie's hand.

Speaking of tremendous, the tweeted image of the clapperboard is something to behold, too. Another joke you want? Another joke there is. The working title for the Han Solo film, as the picture of the clapperboard reveals, is Star Wars: Red Cup. This tweet is two for two.

I can't help but imagine a galaxy far, far away where Han Solo invents a red plastic drinking utensil, names it after himself, and then markets it to beer pong aficionados. Oh, I can totally see Chewbacca playing flip cup, too. I bet he’d be so good at chugging. He'd cancel a cup of oat soda in one fell gulp, no sweat. Not so sure how he’d be at flipping the cup though. But hey, if he didn’t get it on the first try, he could just flip the whole table with one paw and declare himself the winner. Only a fool would argue with that strategy.

You can check out the beautiful tweet below.

Party on, Darth.