Chrissy Teigen's Vodka Commercial Bloopers Will Give You Friendship FOMO — VIDEO

Bloopers and celebrities not taking themselves too seriously are already two of my favorite things in the entire world, so I was primed to enjoy Chrissy Teigen's Smirnoff commercial bloopers before I even watched them. However, even I was unprepared for just how charming, down-to-earth, and utterly hilarious Teigen is in these clips, and now I can't rest until I've made her my best friend. I don't know if Friendship FOMO was a thing until right this very moment, but, after watching the video, you'll agree that it has to be from now on. That's exactly what I'm feeling — a fear of missing out on being Teigen's BFF.

It might sound crazy, but watching the supermodel crack up at herself as she stumbles over her words, swear as she fails to get the top off the vodka bottle several times in a row, and banter with her real-life mom, who's also in the commercial, just warms my heart. And makes me think that she and I would be the best of friends, who would get up to all kinds of shenanigans together.

I'm missing the opportunities to burp the alphabet back and forth with her, to smooch on a burrito with her, and to start putting ice cubes in my vodka like a real effing adult with her. She just seems like she can make anything fun; even when she's blatantly messing up the commercial, the crew doesn't seem to mind. And why would they? Now they have all this extra footage that's devastatingly charming and makes me a lot more likely to buy their vodka than I was before I started watching it. Very clever, Smirnoff, very clever.

The brand has really embraced Teigen's whole personality and "kept it real," as she said in the caption on the video, which she posted to her Instagram on Thursday. Watching these bloopers, you feel like you're getting the real, true, genuine Chrissy Teigen, and it just makes you thirsty for more. (Oh, and vodka, I guess. That too.)