Cody Is Playing 'BB19' For Someone Close To Him

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Cody hasn't been opening up to others about his daughter on Big Brother 19, and a recent conversation with a fellow father revealed why. After listening to Kevin talk about how much he missed his daughter, Cody opened up about his own experience being a father and the sacrifices he made to be on Big Brother. Unlike Kevin, who has been open to other houseguests and the camera about being a father, Cody has been very particular about who he talks to about his 5-year-old daughter, Paisley . Why isn't Cody talking about his daughter on Big Brother 19?

Cody made a huge sacrifice to play Big Brother this summer. He told Kevin, "I get [to see] her in the summer months so I had to give up my summer with her to do this." While a summer without his daughter is clearly difficult for him, the prospect of being able to give her half a million dollars could be enough to make it all worth it.

While Cody is proud of his daughter, he explained in the diary room that he only tells certain people in the house. He's told Jess and Kevin about her, but why hasn't he told anyone else? As he explained to Kevin, "If one of them would’ve used it against me, I would’ve snapped."

Cody's fear of other people in the house using his daughter against him picks up on two very real factors in the house. One is that the house seems to take a perverse joy in antagonizing Cody, whether its smashing pots and pans or barking at him. The other is that Cody has difficulty managing his temper, which has previously led to him and Jessica almost calling off their showmance. Cody showed Kevin a great deal of trust by telling him about his daughter, but while Kevin honor Cody's wish to keep it private? If someone uses Cody's daughter against him, it's not going to be pretty.