Cool Instagram Location & Hashtag Stories To Check Out

Popular ephemeral posts from Instagram's community of creators are now more accessible than ever before with the debut of a new stories search tool — and already there are tons of exciting Instagram location and hashtag stories to check out! Snapchat recently introduced a search feature to tap into the hive-mind of their Our Stories network, and now, just a few months later, Insta is hot on the trend. The new feature allows 'grammers to search posts on Explore using a location or hashtag and view a compiled Story made up of publicly shared posts with the relevant tag or sticker, and it will also suggest stories happening around your area.

"You’ll see a new story ring at the top of Explore filled with stories happening near you. These stories come from people who have used location stickers on their stories," Instagram announced today in a blog post. "You can also search for any location around the world, and you’ll see a story ring for that place at the top of the location page." To see what's happening today in the world of dogs and cats or the exercise community, simply type in a hashtag connected to your interest and a story ring will appear with stories including the hashtag.

Location stories on Explore are available for iOS and Android as of Tuesday, May 23, so be sure to update to version 10.22. Hashtag stories are experiencing a slightly longer roll out and will be available over the next few weeks — so make sure to keep checking back! This, my friends, is just the tip of the photo and video-sharing iceberg.

To get started exploring stories from all over the world, here are a few hashtags and locations that are worth a search:



This popular hashtag allows you to see through the eyes of joggers around the world. If you love to lace up those sneakers and get some fresh air while pounding the pavement, check out this Story hashtag for daily updates from members of this likeminded community — including quite a few impressive runs and some useful encouragement.



Do you like pretty pictures of food being served on international tables? What about a few recipe ideas for dinner? Well, these daily drool-worthy stories are sure to make you hungry for more.


#catsofinstagram and #dogsofinstagram

A daily dose of puppies and kitties delivered directly to your mobile device? Yes, please!



This popular hashtag captures the everyday eating experience, and is thankfully still safe for work. Its stories are sometimes funny, sometimes gross, sometimes tasty, and certainly never boring.


The Location of Your Dream Mini-Vacay

Wish you could get out of town and travel the world this summer? Now you can explore what's going on in your dream destination each day with the stories search. The Paris, France tag has a lot of people sipping wine and looking stylish, while San Juan, Puerto Rico stories tend to include tasty food and beautiful beaches, but the search possibilities are as big as the globe. Warning: may inspire severe wanderlust.