Cooling Weighted Blankets & 41 Other Nifty Things that Have Exploded In Popularity On Amazon

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As someone who spends my workdays essentially swimming through the sea of products available online, I'm always on the lookout for products that are making a splash, like these popular things on Amazon that are quickly ramping up in sales.

Here's just one of my favorites on this list: a weighted blanket made with breathable Egyptian cotton. So why is it so great? The weight provides a gentle pressure that promotes feelings of wellbeing and sleepiness. In other words, this blanket actually helps you get a good night's rest — which is essential if you deal with feelings of anxiety or you have trouble sleeping. Even better, since this particular blanket is made with Egyptian cotton, it'll actually keep you cool at night, which can be a problem with a lot of other weighted blankets.

That blanket is just one of the things you'll find on this list that have been growing in popularity for a reason. You'll also find genius home organization products, clever inventions that make cooking more fun, and eco-friendly products that replace some common non-eco-friendly products in your house — proof that shoppers really do care about the planet... including the actual sea — not just the sea of products I'm swimming through online.

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