Dad Memes To Share On Father's Day

There's nothing like a national holiday to get you posting on Facebook — and the best type of post must always have a GIF or a meme. Father's day is perfect for this. If you're all about posting something sappy or sarcastic for Dad this year, then you'll probably want a few dad memes to share that perfectly depict the type of relationship you have with your dad.

Or maybe, you and your Dad have no online relationship. My father doesn't have a lick of social media, so posting something for him wouldn't exactly make sense. But posting a funny meme about the fact that he's not on Facebook? To good not to share. So there are some of those memes listed below as well.

Some of these memes also hone in on some of those dramatic times in your life — like when Dad took away your phone after "dropping a dinner plate." Come on Dad, I will still stand by the fact that it slipped out of my hands, even though we were currently fighting. You should give me back my flip phone now.

All fights or crazy memories aside, this day is all about celebrating your Dad and all that he has done for you.

Ugh Dad, not the pink RAZR, don't do it!

"Oh look, Dad's sleeping, let's go bug him!"

A classic, but effective, meme for Dad on Father's Day!

It's the thought that counts, right?

*Quickly sends e-card while Dad searches his email*

Oh Luke, you're so forgiving.

My Dad works so hard, guys.

Thanks, Obama!

Because Saturday morning cartoons are seriously no joke, no matter what game is on the TV.

Wait, is that really possible though? Facebook must document everything!

But actually, though!