Daniel Radcliffe's New TV Role Sounds Downright Angelic

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If you thought Hogwarts was cool, just wait until you follow Harry Potter to heaven. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Daniel Radcliffe will star in Miracle Workers, a comedic anthology series headed to TBS in 2018. Based on a book by Man Seeking Woman creator Simon Rich called What in God's Name, the comedy stars Radcliffe as a low-level angel named Craig whose job involves handling all of the world's prayers. Because that sounds like an easy gig, right?

When Craig realizes Earth is headed for destruction, he has to find a way to get God, played by Owen Wilson, to stop focusing all of his energy on his favorite hobbies and pay attention to humanity again. It's a bizarre concept for sure, but it fits right in with Radcliffe's latest career moves. The former Harry Potter star made a splash in 2016's Swiss Army Man, an indie film where he played a flatulent dead man, and in 2015, he took on the role of Igor in the Gothic comedy Victor Frankenstein.

The actor has been busy honing his comedic chops for some time now, and his role as the earnest angel Craig sounds like the perfect next step for Radcliffe. While his fans may still be most accustomed to seeing him wield a wand, it's hard not to be excited about watching the 27-year-old head to TV in such an unconventional workplace comedy — and alongside Owen Wilson, no less.

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With Miracle Workers not set to premiere until 2018, it's going to be some time before Wilson and Radcliffe share the screen together in their heavenly team-up. That's no reason not to get excited now though. These two actors have proven time and again that they know how to make audiences laugh and cry, and if Miracle Workers is anything like Rich's Man Seeking Woman, it is sure to be a wickedly funny TV treat.

There's also the opportunity for Miracle Workers to have a long life on TBS if Season 1 does well. No details were given about whether each season would be set in heaven or if the show would be more in the vein of American Horror Story with multiple locales, so it's impossible to say what the comedy will look like from year to year. However, Season 1 is setting the bar high, at least in the casting department.

Thanks to Radcliffe, Harry Potter fans likely won't be able to resist checking in on Miracle Workers. Let's just hope the new show lives up to its Fred and George-approved premise.