Danielle L. Has A Lot To Say About Dean After 'Bachelor In Paradise' & None Of It Is Nice

Paul Hebert/ABC

Bachelor In Paradise hasn't been the best time of Dean Unglert's life. After becoming a fan favorite on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette, the startup recruiter arrived in Mexico to find himself in the midst of a love triangle with Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard — and his actions towards both women have been pretty lousy. Thus far, it's pretty clear that Kristina and Dean parted ways on Bachelor in Paradise (based on her tweets about him alone), but this recent interview suggests Danielle L. is also probably not still dating Dean.

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight, The Bachelor alum explained that watching BiP back was "cringeworthy" and that she thinks she and Kristina "were both being misled." She also shared some thoughts about whether or not Dean is ready to take on the commitment of being the next Bachelor, as many fans have campaigned for him to be. As Danielle told the outlet:

"I don't know, in terms of a relationship, how mature [Dean] is ... Since it's so hard for him to make up his mind between two women, I can only imagine how much more difficult it would be if you have 30 women to choose from. I don't know if [Dean's] really ready to take on that role yet."

If Danielle thinks Dean isn't mature enough to handle a relationship, it's highly doubtful that she's still dating him, or that she even dated him at all post-Paradise. That contradicts previous rumors that the two have continued seeing each other outside of the show. While it seems clear that they have, indeed, spent time together — last month, a photo of the two at a Los Angeles farmer's market was widely circulated — it now seems more likely that it was just as friends. Or, perhaps things ended once Paradise started airing and Danielle watched Dean's indecision play out on screen. Because let's be honest, the season isn't doing Dean any favors. He may have once been dubbed the internet's new boyfriend, but right now, he's looking more like a player — or at the very least, a man not yet grown up enough to be frank about his feelings with both women or make a decision and stick with it.

That being said, Dean did confirm that he found love in Paradise, so maybe he managed to work things out with Kristina after all. Otherwise, Danielle's comments could hint she and Dean just went through a break up, and now we all know why.