'BiP' Fans Just Turned On Dean So Fast


After seeing how sweet Dean was on The Bachelorette last season, it was impossible to ever think of him as a heartbreaker, but now, it seems like that's all about to change. Despite the fact that they seemed to hit it off right away in Paradise, Dean and Kristina's relationship is going downhill fast, and those who were formerly Team Dean are starting to turn against him. In fact, seeing Dean breaking Kristina's heart on Bachelor in Paradise is making a lot of Bachelor fans mad, and they're all heading to Twitter to take out their aggressions.

At first, #KrisDEANa seemed like the perfect pair — they can both understand each other's difficult family histories, and seeing them interact was proof of their instant chemistry. But then, post-production shutdown when Dean wouldn't open up to Kristina, everything unraveled. Kristina's confusion and hurt is totally understandable, because what's a relationship without communication? It's pretty clear that Dean is struggling with his own feelings, which is fair, but it sucks that Kristina is caught up in things. And now, a lot of fans are wasting no time in calling Dean out for how he handled the situation.

As beloved as Dean is, fans are also super protective of Kristina and her happiness, and these tweets are proof.

Some Fans Are Just Pissed

Some Are Pointing Out That This Is Kind Of Dean's M.O.

Others Feel That She Could Do Better

And Others Are Questioning All Of Dean's Actions As A Whole

Whatever Dean is doing, he better figure himself out before he hurts Kristina worse than he already has. She doesn't deserve any of this, and fans aren't afraid to take Dean to task.