This 'BB19' Houseguest Broke A Sports Glass Ceiling

Sonja Flemming/CBS

It's still early in the Big Brother 19 season, but Christmas has already had one of the most memorable seasons in the show's history. While she has had a unique reality show experience this season, Christmas recently revealed that she is no stranger to breaking the mold. During a conversation with the usually stoic Cody, she got the marine to geek out when she revealed that she was one of the only women to ever be on a NASCAR pit crew. Without internet access, she has no way of proving to anyone in the house that she was in a pit crew. But it's 100 percent true that Christmas from Big Brother 19 worked for NASCAR.

While being on a NASCAR pit crew is impressive in and of itself, Christmas managed to break a major glass ceiling while doing so. She was not only one of the only women to serve on a NASCAR pit crew — she was also the very first. Years before her Big Brother fame, she opened up to Sports Illustrated about her experience, saying that she "didn’t have any credibility as an athlete until ... NASCAR." While the drivers are the stars of the show, Christmas makes it clear that being able to get a car in and out of the pit at fast speeds is a challenging sport too.

Christmas explained to Sports Illustrated, "You’re always training, and you only get two weeks off. It’s a younger person’s sport. If this was 10 years ago, I’d be all over it, and building my career around this. But I was coming into the sport at 30 years old, as a tire changer, when most of the tire changers have retired by 30 because of knee issues." So it seems like she won't be returning to the crew when the show is over.

Still, Christmas is easily one of the most interesting and accomplished houseguests that Big Brother has ever had. But even winning this season while treating a major injury couldn't compare to the work she's already done making NASCAR a more inclusive enterprise.