Kylie Jenner Attended The Yeezy Season 5 Show

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In Kanye West's fifth season of his Yeezy label, he continued to reveal pieces we’ve never seen from the brand before. He also had what appeared to be a diverse range of models on his runway, which is certainly something to admire. But, did Kylie Jenner walk in the Yeezy Season 5 show this year? The family member seems to have attended the event as a VIP guest, instead of on the runway.

Jenner appeared as a model in the debut Yeezy Season 1 collection and she also walked the second Yeezy runway as well, but since then, she’s simply been a member of the audience. Of course, she was posting clips from the show on Snapchat, giving her fans a glimpse of what it’s like to be a Yeezy attendee, and what else would you expect? She is Kylie Jenner, after all.

This fashion show may not have had Jenner strutting down it, but there was still plenty to love about it. Yeezy Season 5 showcased more denim than ever before, featured an appearance by Somali-Muslim model Halima Aden in a stunning coat and gave you more of what you expect from West — super cool clothes that his fan-bases is all but guaranteed to love.

The collection featured the oversized silhouettes you've come to expect from Yeezy along with some new elements such as furry outerwear and denim.

Of course, Kim Kardashian was in attendance looking absolutely amazing.

Jenner was also a VIP guest with backstage access, obvi.


She also had a great seat, I might add.

People are loving what they've seen of the collection so far.

Even more so than the other seasons.

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If you're a fan of Jenner's you'd always like to see her as a Yeezy model, but even without her, the show was incredible.

West has gone and done it again.