Did Vanessa & Nick Have Sex In 'The Bachelor' Fantasy Suite? Curiosity Is Normal, But It's None Of Our Business

Phillippe Bosse/ABC

Things are getting so real on The Bachelor. On Monday night, the Fantasy Suite dates continued, which meant that Nick and his remaining three women finally got the chance to spend some time alone together, sans cameras, for the first time. And since these are the Fantasy Suite dates, after all, you might be wondering, did Vanessa and Nick have sex on The Bachelor? The answer to that question is none of our business.

I mean, let's be real — these poor people have exposed enough of their most raw emotions on national television, so can't we give them a break on this one?! And the decision to have sex is a pretty personal one, and one that should stay between Vanessa and Nick unless they choose to share that info with us themselves.

Besides, with or without the sex, Nick and Vanessa's Fantasy Suite date was amazing — although how could it not be in Finland, where the snow made it look like they were living in a postcard? After dashing through the snow and ice in their swimsuits, things got super romantic, and, after dinner, the traditional overnight invite came through.

And just in time, too, because it just so happened to be the night that Vanessa told Nick that she loves him for the first time, and there was plenty of smooching to follow. The next morning, there was more smooching when it was Nick's time to go, so it appears that all went well on their date.

Regardless of whether or not they chose to have sex, Nick has three awesome women to choose from and definitely has some difficult decisions ahead of him. But if he doesn't end up with Vanessa, I'm not worried. There's a Canada-loving guy for her out there somewhere!