Do Beyonce's Twins' Initials Mean Anything?

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It looks like the moment the world has been waiting for has finally arrived: Beyoncé and JAY-Z named their twins Rumi and Sir, according to TMZ. So, while we try to unpack the meaning behind Rumi and Sir, why don't we also attempt to figure out if the initials R.C. and S.C. mean anything? After all, they are the younger siblings to Blue Ivy Carter, aka B.I.C., aka B---h in Charge — the best initials maybe ever.

It is worth noting that knowing the twins' middle names would really help us get to the bottom of the meaning behind their initials (assuming there is another meaning, that is), but alas, the middle names remain to be announced. According to TMZ, Queen Bey and Hova trademarked the names Rumi and Sir, but the report makes no mention of any middle names. Damn.

Rather than twiddle our thumbs until Yoncé and JAY-Z confirm the babies' names, let's try to find the answer to what might R.C. and S.C. possibly stand for — you know, other than the twins' reported names? Fair warning: The following "guess" is a huge reach and kind of bonkers, so take it with the biggest grain of salt you can get your hands on.

Step right up for this whopping conspiracy theory: What if "S.C." is an allusion to Sc, which is the symbol for the element scandium? It's one of the rare-earth elements, a class of elements that occur together in nature. Sort of like twins. OK, get this: Though "Rc" isn't a symbol, R is the 18th letter in the alphabet and C is number three. Add the two together, and what have you got? Twenty-one. Guess which element on the periodic table is number 21.

Yes, scandium. Not sure what the symbolism would be, but hey, it's something.

Well, that was a delightful trip back to high school chemistry class.