Does The Too Faced x Kandee Johnson Collection Include Highlighters? This Collab Is Bigger Than We Thought

Yes, matte lips and unicorn-inspired makeup (and hair) are two huge beauty trends that have carried over into 2017. But highlighters remain everything this year, as well. From the Kylie Cosmetics Kylighters to the Smashbox x Casey Holmes collab, that dewy glow is in. Does the Too Faced x I Want Kandee collection, which is a collab with bubbly, pink-haired influencer Kandee Johnson and drops Sunday, Sept. 3 exclusively at Ulta, include highlighters?

Of course it does! It actually includes two (!!!) face products that will give your skin life, as well as shimmery glow and a wakey wakey look, even if you've been sleep-deprived and missed your necessary eight hours of shut-eye.

Johnson shared the details, images, and swatches of the products on her Snapchat, revealing that the collab covers all features. There is an eyeshadow palette, a black liquid liner, four Melted Matte lippies, and two face products.

Here's the intel on the Too Faced x Kandee highlighters.

There is the Candy Glow Luminizer Highligher Stick. It's a creamy, dewy highlighter that you can apply to the Cupid's bow, the high points of your cheeks, along the brow bone for a wash of glow, or wherever it is you seek some shimmer.

Kandee Johnson Snapchat

This stick could be your go-to highlighter this fall. Swipe 'n' go, er, swipe 'n' glow. Or use your fingers to dab and glow.

Johnson apologized for the less-than-optimal lighting in the swatches, due to the fact that she was at her Orlando hotel for an event related to this launch. Still, check out that shimmery and rosy, golden glow!

Kandee Johnson Snapchat

There is also the Banana Pudding Face Powder, which sounds delish and smells just the same, per Johnson's comments in her Snaps. In one of her Snaps, she proclaimed the power of this product, noting that it evens out skintone, that it hides dark undereye circles, and generally makes you and your skin look more awake with its brightening prowess. Yaas, yaas, and yaas! Did I mention that it smells like a banana breeze? So in... that's what I am.

Kandee Johnson Snapchat

Here's another look at the products and the packaging. There are two skin loving products in your future and your Fall 2017.