Urban Decay Can Solve Last-Minute Shopping Woes

You've legit reached the end of the road for holiday shopping. If you somehow still have presents to buy for a bestie or lady love, you are no doubt in a serious bind, with little time to head to the mall to finish shopping. Relax! Urban Decay Digital gift cards are your new BFF if this happens to be your predicament — they are available in all sorts of denominations, are instantly emailed to the recipient, and are actually super thoughtful, because your gift allows them to choose exactly what they want from the brand. The guesswork is eliminated and so is a degree of your stress!

If you have a makeup maven or a Beauty Junkie in your inner circle, you may want to nab an Urban Decay Cosmetics gift card. Yes, the brand sells those.

Here's the deal. Per the UD site, Urban Decay E-Gift Cards are available in all amounts, with $25 being the minimum. Upon ordering, they are emailed to anyone with a valid email addy. The recipient will receive an email with the E-Gift Card code that is redeemable solely online via the UD site. The code is activated 24 hours after the receipt of the email.

It really is that easy!

Then, your gift card receiver can purchase whatever her heart desires from the NAKED range or the extensive palette selection or the Vice lipstick collection.

If you somehow procrastinated, don't worry! Urban Decay is here to bail you out of a holiday shopping jam!

Trust me — anyone who receives a UD gift card will be incredibly happy with it because the brand has so much lust-worthy stuff. There are loads of neutrals in the NAKED collection.

But if it's color she desires, well, there are plenty of products with which to be merry and bright, courtesy of UD.

Hopefully, your shopping woes have been solved.

Images: Courtesy of Urban Decay (2); Urban Decay/Instagram (2)