Everyone's Buying These 41 Cheap Products On Amazon


There's plenty of times where you want to treat yourself but you don't have a ton of cash to spare. Take, for example, what my wallet looks like right now. It has a bunch of Canadian bills wadded up in the change pouch since I just got back from vacation, and my electronic wallet, i.e. my bank account, is looking worse for wear. So when it comes to shopping during times like this, it pays to stick with the genius items on Amazon that are really, really cheap.

If you're looking to spend a little, though, you're in luck — not only are the items I've selected for this list are both practical and reasonably priced. I mean, really — where else can you get a luxury satin pillowcase that reduces frizz in your hair for just $12? It's the kind of thing you'll be glad you snagged and won't feel like a waste of money.

Whether you're trying to save money or simply giving your bank account room to breathe, there are tons of cheap products available on Amazon. So check out the list below for some affordable — and yes, genuinely useful — ways to spend a little cash.

1. The Hot Tool Holder That Keeps Your Vanity Organized

Not only does it help reduce clutter on your countertop or vanity, but the Luxebeauty hot tool holder is also designed to easily cling to any smooth, non-porous material like granite, marble, and other solid surface counters. It's heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, plus you can also use it to store toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, clippers, combs, and more.

2. A Protective Toothbrush Holder That Mounts To Your Wall

Leaving your toothbrush on your counter is an easy way to get gross soap stains and water marks everywhere, which is why the Camco toothbrush holder is designed so that it can be mounted to your bathroom wall. Plus, the ventilated design allows your brushes to dry quickly and avoid any bacteria build-up.

3. The 1-Gallon Water Bottle That Reminds You To Stay Hydrated

There's never a bad time to drink some water, and this water bottle from QuiFit is a great way to continually remind yourself to stay hydrated. This bottle is marked every two hours with a reminder to take a swig of water, and the 64-ounce capacity is enough to keep you hydrated all day long. It's perfect for the office as well as outdoor activities like hiking, and the opening is extra-wide so that it's easy to fill up.

4. A Food Chopper That Requires No Electricity To Operate

Not only is it perfect for dorms, small kitchens, and even camping because it's completely hand-powered — but this food chopper from Chef'n is also powerful enough that it can easily whip up pesto, hummus, salsa, guacamole, and more. The lid seals so that the chopping bowl can double as a storage container for whatever you just made, and the blades can even power through ice.

5. The Soap Coaster That Extends The Life Of Your Soap

Setting a wet bar of soap down on the counter can cause stains and mildew, whereas the Aira dish soap saver has a ventilated design that allows your soap to dry quickly, which in turn helps it last longer. This dish coaster is made from bioplastics that are free from any phthalates, BPA, or petroleum products, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "it's super easy to rinse out and the soap dish in our shower remains clean."

6. A Handy Tool That Lets You Fasten Your Own Bracelets

It can be difficult to fasten a bracelet if you're by yourself, whereas the Bracelet Mate bracelet fastener takes all the stress out of trying to do it singlehandedly. This handy tool is made with a sturdy steel clip that holds one end of your bracelet in place while your other hand clips it on, plus the long wooden handle means you can also use this tool on difficult back zippers, French cuffs, necklaces, and more.

7. The Pillowcase That Helps Tame Frizz While You Sleep

Traditional cotton pillowcases can cause friction against your hair which leads to breakage, whereas a pillowcase made from silk like this one from Shop Bedding not only reduces friction, but also minimizes frizz. This pillowcase feels cool in the summer yet warm in the winter, and the 300 thread-count means it's soft to the touch. One Amazon reviewer even confirmed, "Not only is it super cute, but it really does what it's supposed to as far as preserving your hair overnight!"

8. A Foldable Organizer That's Perfect For Overflowing Closets

If your closet is overflowing with extra blankets, towels, sheets, or seasonal clothing you don't always use, this organizer from Simple Houseware is right up your alley. These fabric storage bins are incredibly lightweight, and the handles on each side make them easy to carry. The walls are rigid so that they maintain their shape, yet conveniently fold down when not in use.

9. The Storage Container That Keeps Your Food Fresher For Longer

Instead of letting your leftover ingredients spoil, why not save yourself some money by keeping them in the Rubbermaid food storage container? This container is designed with a crisping tray that absorbs excess moisture, plus it helps to regulate the flow of oxygen so that your food stays fresher for longer. The entire container is completely BPA-free, and the air vent filter will never need to be replaced.

10. A Pack Of Camping Lanterns Made With Super-Bright LED Bulbs

Not only does it provide extra-bright white light, but the LED bulbs in the Etekcity LED camping lanterns also have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours, which means they'll never need to be changed! These lanterns are incredibly durable and lightweight — and they can even run for up to 12 hours before the batteries need to be changed.

11. The Handy Tool That Gets Every Last Drop Out Of Your Toothpaste

Throwing out your toothpaste tube when you haven't squeezed out every last drop is a waste of money — and luckily, the ISKYBOB toothpaste squeezer can help you get every last bit out before it's time to throw it away. All you have to do is insert the end of your toothpaste tube into the roller, then twist the handle in order to start squishing all that leftover toothpaste towards the opening. The high-quality plastic is durable and won't break, too.

12. A Carafe That Won't Leave Messy Drips All Over Your Countertops

Adding a carafe to your table is an easy way to look classy, and this one from Hiware is even made from super-durable borosilicate glass that can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use this carafe for hot liquids like coffee as well as cold drinks like tea, lemonade, and more, plus it has a drip-free pouring spout that prevents liquid from falling onto your countertops.

13. The Juicer That's Quick And Easy To Use

Unlike competing juicers that get heated and wind up destroying some of the vitamins and minerals that are naturally in your food, the LUUKMONDE electric juicer operates at a slower speed so that it doesn't heat up, which preserves all the nutrients in your fruit. The stainless steel exterior is rust-resistant as well as incredibly durable, plus it's designed with a large, stable base that keeps it from rocking while operating.

14. A Handy Device That Keeps Your Mug Heated And Warm

If you're tired of your coffee and tea growing cold every morning, the Senj mug warmer will make sure it stays warm and delicious for hours after it's been poured. This mug warmer can keep coffee warm at up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit, plus it's heat- and fire-resistant so that you won't have to worry about it overheating. The waterproof design prevents any short-circuiting in the event of a spill, plus the automatic shut-off feature is a nice added touch.

15. The Silicone Mold That Makes Large Ice Balls Perfect For Cocktails

Regular ice melts, but the balls of ice made with this mold from The Classic Kitchen have less surface area exposed — allowing them to melt slowly so your drink doesn't immediately become diluted. These ice balls are great for cocktails as well as whiskey on the rocks, plus the mold is made from flexible silicone so that they're easy to pop out once frozen.

16. A Handy Strainer That Fits Into Your Kitchen Sink Drain

Made from rust-resistant and durable stainless steel, the SinkShroom sink strainer is an easy way to prevent loose debris from clogging up your kitchen sink. The raised center prevents pots and pans from blocking the drain while you scrub them clean, plus the strainer holes are designed to let water through even if there's a good amount of refuse clogging them up. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "It is easy to remove and empty, and the water really does drain even if the strainer is full."

17. The Cleaning Pen That Gets Rid Of Stubborn Goopy Residues

Whether you've got residue from old strips of tape, or even crayon or gum stuck on your walls, the Goo Gone adhesive remover pen can make quick work of practically any goo-related task. This handy pen works on gum, stains, stickers, adhesive, and more, plus it's safe to use on ceramic, porcelain, finished wood, painted surfaces, glass, grout, metals, as well as plastics.

18. The Hanger Hooks That Save You Precious Closet Space

If your closet is overflowing with clothes that you don't want to get rid of, the Croing cascading hanger hooks will help you free up some space so you have room for even more clothes. All you have to do is slide the hook onto the hanger, then place your second hanger on the rounded end of the hook — your clothes will now hang vertically off the original hanger, and you can layer a lot more.

19. The Moisture-Absorbing Bag That Gets Rid Of Funky Closet Odors

If your closets have grown musty over time, or even if you've got a funky-smelling laundry or bathroom, these odor bags from DampRid will help get your home back to smelling its freshest. These bags absorb excess moisture in the air that can cause mold and mildew to grow, plus each one comes with a hook so that you can easily hang it where need be. Each one is designed to last for up to 60 days, an they won't excessively dry the air, either.

20. A Pair Of Wireless Headphones That Are Waterproof

Not only are the Otium wireless headphones completely waterproof so you won't have to worry about them being damaged by sweat or rain, but they're also have a battery life of up to nine hours when fully charged. These headphones feature noise suppression technology that helps block out distracting sounds in the background, plus the ergonomic design ensures that they sit comfortably on your ears without risk of coming loose.

21. The Bands That Prevent Your Fitted Sheet From Rising Up On Your Mattress

If the fitted sheet on your bed keeps rising up and coming loose while you sleep, try using the Bed Band bed sheet holders to keep it securely fastened down. These bed sheet clips stretch so that you can choose the optimal amount of tension for your sheets, and the round clamps have padding on them so that they won't damage the fabric. They're designed to work with all types of bedding, too.

22. A Liquid Dispenser With Convenient Measurement Markings On The Side

Whether you use it for olive oil, syrup, or any other liquid you can think of, the Cooler Kitchen no-drip dispenser won't leave messy dribbles on your surfaces after you've poured. The bottle has a slim profile so that it easily fits in the door or your refrigerator, plus it's made from strong, solid glass that won't easily crack or break. There are measurement markings on the side so you can keep track of how much you've poured, and it's great for drizzling dressing onto salads.

23. The Plate Holders That Keep Your Plates Stored Upright

These Home-X plate holders keep your plates sitting upright which helps save you tabletop space — and they also work great as drying racks for wet dishes. Each holder is able to hold up to six smaller dessert or dinner plates, and the grooves on the inside prevent them from flopping over.

24. A Cell Phone Holder That Can Be Used Practically Anywhere

You can keep it around your neck to watch videos hands-free, or you can even loop the B-Land cell phone holder around your steering wheel so that you can easily read your phone's GPS while you drive. The mount itself can rotate a full 360-degrees so that you can always find the most optimal viewing angle, plus the looped arms are flexible which allow you to mold them to your bike handles, bed frame, and more.

25. The Car Front Seat Cover That's 100 Percent Waterproof

Whether you like to keep your pup in the front seat with you, or you're looking for an easy way to prevent damage to your car's interior, this seat cover from URPOWER is the answer. This cover is made from high-quality waterproof polyester that protects your seat from pet hair, mud, water, dirt, and more — plus, it has a non-slip rubber backing that helps keep it securely in place.

26. A Pack Of Odor Eliminators Made With Natural Bamboo Charcoal

Whether you've got rancid shoes, a funky gym bag, or even a stinky garbage bin that won't smell clean after dozens of washes, these air purifying bags from MOSO NATURAL can help you get your surroundings back to smelling fresh. These air purifying bags are made with natural bamboo charcoal that's completely non-toxic, plus it gets rid of odors instead of just masking them like competing aerosol sprays. They help prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing, and they're reusable for up to two years.

27. The Organizer That Fits Neatly Into Your Dresser Drawers

Everybody has that one drawer in their home that's basically a messy pile of mismatched socks and underwear — so why not get it looking neat and tidy with the Simple Houseware drawer organizer? This organizer is made with non-woven fabric so that it's resistant to mold, plus they're lightweight in the event you need to transport your clothes. Each order comes with a variety of sizes: two large boxes, two medium, as well as two small.

28. A Wallet That Keeps Your Information Safe From Digital Pickpockets

If you're looking for the perfect travel companion, search no further than this wallet. This wallet is designed to block RFID signals so that digital pickpockets can't access your sensitive credit card information, plus the high-quality synthetic leather makes it exceptionally durable against wear and tear. There are 18 slots where you can store credit cards, one clear plastic slot for your ID, as well as two long zippered pockets where you can store cash.

29. The Leggings That Won't Become See-Through When You Stretch

No one likes when their yoga pants become see-through once they bend over, which is why the PHISOCKAT yoga pants are made with four-way stretch fabric that moves with your body as you bend and twist. These yoga pants are also high-waisted, and the material is even moisture-wicking to keep your legs feeling cool and dry while you exercise. Available sizes: XS-XXL

30. A Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Doubles As A Tea Infuser

Not only does the airtight seal help lock in your coffee's freshness for up to two weeks, but the Ovalware cold brew iced coffee maker can also be used as a tea infuser if you're not in the mood for coffee. Unlike other cold brew coffee makers, this one is designed to fit conveniently on the shelves in your fridge, plus the medical-grade stainless steel filter is super-fine so that no grounds make it into your final cup of Joe.

31. The Daytime Leggings With A High-Waisted Fit

These Conceited high-waisted leggings are also incredibly soft to the touch — making them perfect for lounging or daytime wear. The stretchy material prevents them from becoming loose and falling down, and one Amazon reviewer described them as "A pair of leggings that you CAN NOT SEE THROUGH, that are nice enough to dress up with top and shoes, but still able to dress down too if I want to!" Available sizes: 0-22

32. A Pack Of Clips That Prevent Your Shower From Splashing Outside The Tub

If you're tired of stepping out of the shower to find puddles all over your bathroom floor, the EONMIR shower splash clips are a great way to prevent all that water from escaping from your shower to the ground. There are no tools required to install these clips since each one already comes with super-strong adhesive attached to its back, plus they're compatible with all types of shower curtains.

33. The Tweezers Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

Whereas competing tweezers can grow rusty over time, these ones from Tweezer Guru are made from rust-resistant stainless steel — plus, they're great for removing ingrown hairs and grooming eyebrows. These tweezers arrive with the tension pre-calibrated so that they're easy to control between your fingers as you pluck away at stray hairs, and the tips are perfectly aligned for increased accuracy. One Amazon reviewer even raved that: "The tips come together precisely and are far better than tweezers that I have that cost a lot more."

34. A Tripod That Lets You Take Pictures With Your Phone From Far Away

Trying to balance your phone against a rock or wall when taking a photo can be tricky, whereas using this phone tripod is as easy as inserting your phone into the mount, then using the included remote to take the photo from far away. The legs on this tripod can be adjusted and angled so that your photo comes out exactly as you imagined, plus the feet are non-slip so that it stays firmly put wherever you place it.

35. The Pack Of Face Masks Infused With Nourishing Natural Ingredients

Not only do you get 16 per order, but each mask in the DERMAL facial sheet mask pack is infused with a different natural ingredient — including green tea, cucumber, white collagen, aloe, and more. The vitamin E in these masks is great for helping to brighten up tired complexions, and reviewers swear by them.

36. A Pack Of Deodorizing Balls That Fit Conveniently Into Your Shoes

If you've tried every spray under the sun to get rid of the funky odors in your shoes, give the Sof Sole sneaker balls a try. These balls are designed to eliminate odor-causing bacteria from your shoes, gym bag, locker, and more — plus, the small, round design easily fits into cramped spaces that other deodorizers can't reach. The scent is light and refreshing without being overpowering, and they're designed to fit into shoes of all shapes and sizes.

37. The Dog Bowl That Forces Your Pet To Eat Slowly

Eating too quickly can cause digestive problems in dogs, which is why the Outward Hound dog bowl has a spiral design that forces them to work for their kibble and eat more slowly. This bowl is made from high-quality, food-safe ABS plastic that's completely BPA-free, plus the non-slip base prevents your pet from scooting it all over your floor while they chow down. It's able to hold up to 4 cups of dry kibble, and it works great with both wet and dry food.

38. A Pair Of Wine Glasses That Are Vacuum-Insulated

Not only are they vacuum-insulated so that the heat from your hands doesn't change the temperature of your wine, but these wine glasses are also made from high-quality stainless steel that's incredibly durable. The curved design fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, plus the lid has a hole for straws if you ever decide to use these glasses for other beverages.

39. The Tool That Helps You Prepare Cloves Of Garlic With Less Mess

Mincing garlic can be a pain since it has a tendency to stick to your knife's blade, whereas this tool makes quick work out of such an annoying chore. All you have to do is put the clove of garlic in the loading chamber, then press the handle down in order to crush and mince it. You can even use this tool on multiple cloves of garlic at the same time, plus it helps keep your hands clean from that pervasive garlic scent.

40. A Lighting Bar With A Built-In Motion Sensor

Perfect for pantries, cabinets, dark stairwells, or even your closet, these lights feature a built-in motion sensor so that they only turn on when someone is present, which helps you save money on batteries over time. Each light is made with 10 super-bright LED bulbs that have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours, and the included magnetic strip means there are no tools required for installation.

41. The Cloths That Remove Makeup Without Any Harsh Chemicals Required

Whether you have sensitive skin, or are simply looking for a chemical-free way to remove makeup from your face, these cloths will get the job done in a jiffy. Each cloth is made from plush microfiber that gently gets rid of dirt, oil, and makeup — plus, they're also reusable so you're not stuck constantly buying replacements. You can use them both wet as well as dry, and many Amazon reviewers noted how they were even able to get rid of waterproof mascara. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.