From Toilet Lights To Butt Masks, Here Are 43 Weird Best-Sellers On Amazon

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Remember your friend in high school? The one who had an unpredictable streak and a totally different (and usually hilarious) way of looking at the world so that having her sit next to you in math class made doing algebraic equations just a little more tolerable? Well, all these weird best-sellers on Amazon are the equivalent of that friend.

Each one of these 43 products does something a little outside the box. They cause you to think twice or they make you laugh or they do something completely unexpected that makes your life easier and more fun.

As promised, there is a butt mask on this list because you should absolutely be giving your other cheeks a facial. Also as promised — a toilet light that's totally worthy of a Studio 54 ladies room.

And unlike your (potentially) long lost friend, you don't have to wait around for your next high school reunion for any of these products — you can have them all ASAP with Amazon Prime's two-day shipping guarantee.

So if you're ready for some quirky products that'll brighten up your day in their uniqueness, click through — because a little bit of 'weird' makes the world wonderful.

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