Geri Horner Is Hosting A '90s Themed TV Show & It's The Stuff Of Spice Girls Fans' Dreams

Clive Mason/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

BBC Two and Ginger Spice are about to spice up lives and television sets. On Wednesday, the BBC announced that Geri Horner (née Halliwell) will host a show on BBC Two. Horner’s forthcoming program, Geri’s Nineties: The Decade That Made Me, will be an installment of the BBC Music: My Generation series. The aim (not that AIM) of the show: Horner will look back at the 1990s. I’m sorry, a Spice Girl talking about the last decade of the old millennium? Now, That's What I Call Bliss (Vol. 1).

In addition to revisiting '90s pop culture, Horner will also dig into her personal experiences during that era. According to the BBC, this documentary “will see the former Spice Girl reflect on her own incredible journey: from turning 18 as a working-class girl in Watford at the dawn of the decade, through to international fame and fortune with the Spice Girls, followed by great success as a solo artist at the end of the 1990s.”

If Geri's Nineties: The Decade That Made Me was 25 hours long, I would gladly watch all 25 hours. Several times. Oof, I hope this ends up on on BBC America. Or on The BBC website. Or on YouTube. Or is made available for purchase on Amazon. I gotta see it.

"It was a decade of hope, opportunity and change, in all areas of life, a decade of FREEDOM,” Horner said in a statement to the BBC. She continued,

“The freedom to be yourself, to make your own choices as expressed through music, fashion and politics. Personally it was a journey of self-discovery, reflecting on some amazing things I am incredibly grateful to have experienced. I think the Nineties was a very optimistic decade that proved that regardless of who you are and where you come from, you can evolve and change and dreams can come true.”

Welp. It sounds awesome, it sounds like everything I never knew I needed, it sounds like a platform boot made out of perfection, etc.


Now, I just have to figure out how to get this BBC Two program in the States.