Google Has A New Book Button For Beauty Salons

Next time you search for a new nail spot or hair salon in your area, you might notice a handy new feature. Introducing the Google Book Button for salons, which launches today. It's just another way that Google is becoming your new personal assistant, and I am not mad about it.

When you search for a salon in your area, the Googs already gives you a business listing, including things like address, hours, reviews, a website, and often a glance at the busiest times (one of my favorite features). Now, the business listings for many salons will also have a handy little "Book Button" to so you can make an appointment right from Google.

The "Book Button" feature has already been rolled out for fitness studios, but now it'll also be attached to places that do hair, nails, and other beauty treatments. Because after all, speaking to an actual human over the phone is practically torturous these days, especially when you're trying to schedule a Brazilian wax on your commute surrounded by other people. (Never has my mumble game been so strong.)

More bookable services are coming soon in Search and Maps, but for now, revel in the fact that you can book a gel polish appointment or a quick chop in just a few clicks. Here's a little GIF showing how it works on mobile:

Courtesy of Google

Pretty neat-o, right?

To make things even more streamlined, there's also a Reserve With Google page that takes you to all of the bookable services it offers. Here's a look at the page with fitness offerings (right before the salon feature dropped):

There's even an I'm Feeling Lucky button. In this case, it took me to a page of Pilates studios.

So next time you're feeling in need of a little self-care, that I'm Feeling Lucky button just might lead you in the right direction, whether it's a spa or a mani/pedi place. And it couldn't be easier to nab an appointment.