Harry Styles Fans Who Couldn’t Get Tickets To His Solo Tour Are Sharing Their Hilarious & Sad Reactions

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On April 28, a solo Harry Styles announced his first world tour and subsequently his fans around the world freaked out. The 29 date tour will kick off in San Francisco and follow him through to Tokyo, spanning almost three months, so there were plenty of chances to get tickets, right? Wrong. According to Billboard, Styles' tour tickets, which went on sale May 5, sold out in seconds. Since many of the tours' venues were more intimate than those from his 1D stadium days, tickets were limited and Styles' fans had some intense reactions on social media when they couldn't nab seats.

At this point, I am happy I was a terrible Styles fan and totally forgot that tickets went on sale Friday morning, because I saved myself a lot of heartache and ulcers. Billboard reports that Styles' tour broke the record for fan-to-ticket signups in Ticketmaster's "Verified Fan" program, which saw seven fans register for every one available ticket. Wow.

So, while many fans are lamenting their lack of tour tickets, just remember that there are millions of us in the same boat, and we can all cry together along to Styles' new music when his debut solo album comes out on May 12.


Some Fans Tried To Prepare For The Battle Ahead

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If you were lucky enough to snag some tickets, lucky you! If not, I'll meet up with you and this guy.