Harry Styles Is Releasing A Behind The Album Documentary, In Case New Music Wasn’t Enough

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you think “Sign of the Times,” the Saturday Night Live performances, the “Sign of the Times” music video memes, the Rolling Stone profile, and the pink pantsuit are all too pure and perfect for this world, you better batten down the hatches on the RMS Styles Stan; as far as blessing 2017 goes, our darling Harry Styles is only just getting warmed up. The One Direction member’s self-titled debut solo album will be out on May 12, Dunkirk will hit theaters on July 21, and Harry Styles: Live on Tour will commence on September 19. Oh, and on May 15, Harry Styles: Behind the Album will be available on Apple Music. The music streaming service announced on Tuesday that a Styles documentary will be out just three days after his record drops. Does his generosity know no bounds?

The video, as you probably gleaned from the title, will give viewers a glimpse into the making of Styles’ forthcoming record. And judging from the 30-second trailer, this Apple Music exclusive will be perfect: Styles sings, plays guitar, pretends to nap while wearing sunglasses, scribbles down some lyrics in a notebook, plops down in a chair for a haircut, and bangs a stockpot on a table. The only thing it’s missing is a scene where a goggles-sporting Styles goes for a swim— oops, just kidding. Harry Styles: Behind the Album totally has a goggle scene, too.

You know what this means, right? We only have three days to pull ourselves together after the self-titled album inevitably melts us down to Styles-loving piles of ash. And then, the documentary will melt us down all over again. So much Styles magic breaking through the atmosphere. Things are pretty good from here.