Harry Styles' Short Hair On 'Rolling Stone' Has The Internet All Abuzz — PHOTO

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A lot of changes have happened for this former boy band member. Not only has he branched out to start a solo career, but he’s also chopped off the locks that became synonymous with his One Direction days. Harry Styles’ short hair on his Rolling Stone cover is a thing of beauty, nonetheless, and fans have definitely taken notice.

Since posting a photo announcing his haircut in May of 2016, there have been very few glimpses of Styles’ shorter ‘do. The initial Instagram post only showed the singer holding a pony tail in his hand. So, fans had absolutely no clue what his head of hair could possibly look like after that kind of serious scissor aftermath. Thank goodness for paparazzi, though, because their photos have been one of the only ways the Styles’-obsessed could get a glimpse of his fresh cut. Until now, when he’s covering Rolling Stone magazine with his short curls and slight facial hair on display.

While there are some that will forever lament the loss of the perfectly tousled coif, most Styles’ fans are loving his shorter strands. I mean, there’s no way anyone could look bad on the cover of this major magazine, after all. Especially not someone like Styles. No way, no how. Gotta see these locks for yourself? Eat your heart out!

Just look at those curls!

The photo shoot has certainly gotten fans talking.

In fact, that's pretty much all they care to talk about.

The world was in shock when Styles first posted about his haircut, but since then, folks have come around to the idea of him rocking a shorter 'do.

If staring at this occupies your whole day, I get it. There's no denying Styles looks amazing.

He's changing the game with this look.

Because yeah, it's that good.

Some folks will always love his lengthy mane.

Long, short, it really doesn't matter.

Honestly, he can do no wrong when it comes to his locks.