Speidi Celebrates Their 8th Wedding Anniversary

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They found love in a semi-scripted place, and that love continues to shine bright like a healing crystal. Former The Hills supernovas and parents-to-be, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, celebrated their 8th anniversary on Tuesday. In honor of their special day, Montag tweeted a photo of their wedding, the crown jewel of The Hills Season 5. Can you believe eight whole years have passed since Lauren Conrad’s frenemies tied the knot in that Pasadena church? Also, can you believe it has only been eight years? Time is weird.

Eight years later, and the “villains” (I use the scare quotes because they are not villains in my Speidi-loving eyes) are still going strong. To anyone whoever doubted the power of Speidi: Give it up. Just give it up. Speidi isn’t going anywhere. Speidi is at the pinnacle of Mt. Relationship Idols. And at the pinnacle of Mt. Relationship Idols is where they will stay.

Just look at this pic of those two newlyweds. What a blast from the past— oh, no. Here I go again: Were we ever so young? Was 2009 really that long ago? Has it really been eight years since LC and Kristin Cavallari both moseyed into the ceremony wearing the same shade of royal blue? It both feels like a lifetime ago and like a day ago. Again, time is weird.

Montag’s post sent me down a fantastic YouTube rabbit hole where I hoppened, er, happened upon some terrific fan videos. Here is one ode to the Speidi wedding that really treated me right.

What a beautiful day. That slideshow sparkles like amethyst in the sunlight, does it not? A happy Speidi-versary to you, Speidi. And a happy Speidi-versary to my fellow Speidi stans.