Here's How Artist Sam Ushiro Became A Social Media Blogging Sensation

Some artists create designs that are functional, like kitchen appliances or cellphones. Sam Ushiro has a slightly different goal in mind: "The function of my designs is to make people happy," she says. And it really is hard to look at her colorful work without smiling. But just as important as her cake treats and emoji balloons are the hands holding them. "Nail care is super important to me, because my hands are always in photos," says Ushiro. "They need to look good after everything I put them through."

That's why we partnered with Sally Hansen to see into Ushiro's self-made, built-by-hand world. She started out as an industrial design student, posting her eye-catching pieces online. Then, before she knew it (and after she received many inquires from fans), "I had thousands of followers," she says. She founded her blog, Aww Sam, in 2015. And now, she dreams up everything from nail-art manis to DIY party crafts and confectionary treats. Whether you're interested in recreated some of Ushiro's sweet recipes, you're looking for inspiration to start your own social media business, or you just want to see some truly mesmerizing rainbow art, check out her full story below.

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