How Can I Tell If My Flight Is Cancelled? The Holidays Are A Busy Time For Travel


As the holiday season kicks into full gear, many people are traveling all over the United States and the world, particularly via airplane. With airline travel hitting record highs this year and weather conditions being ever-unpredictable, there is a strong likelihood that many people will encounter changes to their flight schedule at some point. Since flight schedule changes can certainly be confusing and chaotic, here is a straightforward guide to how you can tell if your flight has been cancelled.

One of the easiest ways to tell if your flight has been cancelled is by checking the website of the airline through which you booked your ticket. You can always enter your reservation confirmation number on the airline's website to check for changes to your flight status, including cancellations. Furthermore, many airlines allow and encourage you to sign up for text or calling alerts that will notify you if your flight has been delayed or cancelled. If you have not already done so, you should sign up for these notifications ahead of your scheduled flight so you can receive real time information from the airline.

Another option for checking flight cancellations is Flight Aware's live delay and cancellation tracker. Flight Aware maintains a constantly updated list of all flight cancellations around the world; thus, if you want a quick and easy way to see if your flight has been cancelled, simply go to their cancellation site and look for your airline and flight number.

TOPSHOT - An information board displays cancelled flights at the airport Stuttgart, southern Germany, on October 27, 2016. 380 of 555 flights of budget airlines Eurowings and Germanwings were cancelled due to a 24 hours-strike.AFP/DPA/Getty Images

Many flights are usually cancelled at the last minute since cancellations are often based on weather factors, scheduling issues, or over- and under-booking problems. Therefore, you will likely already be at the airport when you find out your flight is cancelled. Indeed, if you are not able to access the internet while you are at the airport, your first indication that your flight has been cancelled will likely be the notice popping up on the departures board. However, if you can do so, using the aforementioned tools to get a jump on finding out the status of your flight will hopefully also help you more quickly remedy the situation.

If you do find out your flight is cancelled, it is imperative to try to get rebooked as soon as possible. USA Today suggests physically getting in line at the airport with a rebooking agent while simultaneously either calling or using social media to reach the airline, then rebooking with whichever service allows you to do so first.

Hopefully, you will not face any flight cancellations during your holiday travels; however, if you do, remember that being proactive in tracking your flight's status (and rebooking, if necessary) can help ease some of the woes caused by flight cancellations.