MakeupGeek x KathleenLights Palette Is Now On Sale

It's the season of giving and the beauty brand is getting into the spirit in the best way possible. For a limited time, the Makeup Geek x KathleenLights Highlighter Palette is on sale for 40 percent off. That brings the price down to be pretty darn affordable. How long does the 40 percent off sale last, you ask? You only have two days to get in on the deal, so you should start shopping as soon as possible.

Don't say that this beauty brand didn't give you a great gift this year. On top of their 12 Days Of Christmas Sale, Makeup Geek is having a major sale for one of their most recent collabs. Remember the highlighter palette that Kathleen Fuentes, AKA KathleenLights, helped create? It has three stunning shades for all skin tones and now you can get it for an even better price.

According to Instagram, the Makeup Geek x KathleenLights Palette is just $23 for Dec. 24 and Dec. 25.

That's only two days, people! Basically, you should stop what you're doing right now and head over to the online site. As always, it's only while supplies last as well, so the soon you get to shopping the better.

That's not all either. According to the Instagram post, Fuentes is signing a handful of palettes and they'll be shipped out randomly as well. So this is pretty much the ultimate sale for KathleenLights fans.

This is especially exciting considering how expensive the palette is regularly. Fuentes' fans are used to her doing super affordable collabs and recommending drugstore products. So when the $39 products came out, not as many people were excited to buy it. Well, not anymore, my friends!

What are you doing still reading this? You only have a short amount of time to get your hands on this sale item, so go shop while you still can!

Images: makeupgeekcosmetics/Instagram (1)