Here's How Many Oscars Noms 'Rogue One' Got

Walt Disney Studios

Heading into awards season, the film slate was packed with a standout list of contenders. So when the Academy Awards rolled out their nominees on Tuesday morning, competition was crowded. The rebooted Star Wars franchise has pulled in major dollars at the box office, but The Force Awakens failed to take home any statuettes at last year's Oscars, putting all eyes on prequel Rogue One. So, how many Oscars nominations did Rogue One get?

To fans' dismay, it only nabbed two: one for Best Sound Mixing and another for Visual Effects. That's three less than last year, where the Star Wars film ended up losing out in both of those categories. This time around, it's up against the likes of Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge, La La Land, and 13 Hours for Sound Mixing, as well as Deepwater, Doctor Strange, Jungle Book, and Kubo and the Two Strings for Visual Effects. Rogue One had both stunning visuals and epic sound effects, but that's a tough crowd to beat. Perhaps this will be the year for Star Wars or maybe it won't, but its staggering $1 billion box office total should serve as a suitable stand-in. Even if it hasn't fared well on the awards circuit, its been successful on its own ground.

In fact, the newly launched Star Wars film series has been an anchor for in-theater cinema. According to Business Insider, The Force Awakens gave the industry an extra year-end push of $900 million domestically when it opened at the end of 2015. Rogue One got close to a repeat when it debuted in mid-December, closing out 2016 with over $400 million in the U.S. alone. It also landed title as the year's second highest-grossing domestic release, behind only Finding Dory. That's an impressive feat, considering it only had two weeks at the multiplex before sliding into 2017.

Oscar or not, that's certainly nothing to scoff at, and getting a nomination from the Academy is still a coveted honor. Hats off, Rogue One, you deserve it.