The Difference Between Prue & Paul's Rumoured 'Bake Off' Salaries Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Mark Bourdillon / Channel 4

The Great British Bake Off has become a British institution, and each week millions of viewers tune in to drool over the contestants' baking efforts. However, the seemingly delicious treats are often receive harsh critiques from Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith who share their words of wisdom, but how much are The Great British Bake Off judges paid?

Back in 2016 the former BBC baking competition show was scooped up by Channel 4, and it was reported that the channel acquired the format for a hefty £75 million. According to the Metro, Paul Hollywood will earn a total of £1.2 million during the first three series on Channel 4, which works out at £400,000 a year. It's a pretty big pay rise, considering Hollywood was reportedly earning less than £100,000 per series during his seven year BBC stint, which although very respectable, is a far cry from what the Liverpudlian is raking in now.

Although the exact details of Leith's official salary have been kept somewhat under-wraps, The Sun reports she takes home a pay check of £200,000 a series. It's a lot less than Hollywood's rumoured amount (yep, Bake Off appears to have a pay gap) but still three times more than what former judge Mary Berry is said to have earned while appearing on the BBC addition, so at least that's something.

Mark Bourdillon / Channel 4

And it's not just the judges being rewarded for their efforts, The Great British Bake Off co-hosts Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding are apparently also receiving some serious coinage, and it appears Toksvig has been quite particular about the amount she receives. When speaking about her Bake Off salary with The Sun, the comedian said "On my show, nobody’s being paid more than me. I don’t ask what they’re being paid — I just make sure they’re not getting more than me". If serious, this would suggest that fellow Bake Off host Fielding and judge Leith will be receiving the same £200,000 wage that Toksvig is thought to be picking up during each series.

You may also now be wondering what the contestants, and indeed the winner of the show earn for their hard work throughout an entire season, but the amount may leave a bad taste in your mouth.

The winner of the show, who will have earned the coveted title after hours of flour-covered determination is rewarded with with a grand total of zero pounds. Yes, you read that correctly, there is in fact no cash prize for Bake Off winners, reports the Mirror. The victors don't go home completely empty handed, however, as they receive their very own winner's cake stand and a lovely bunch of flowers.

It could be argued that the real prize is the opportunity to be on the show and the exposure that comes with it. Former contestants have gone on to secure book deals, newspaper columns, and presenting gigs. None too shabby. Either way, it's not details of pay checks that attract a loyal audience each series, but the imaginative and mouth-watering baking creations, and I hope to enjoy the unapologetic Britishness of the show for years to come.