Cop The Koko Kollection & Burgundy Kyshadow Bundle

Courtesy Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner never ceases to amaze me. She’s constantly coming up with ways to make me want to spend money on items from her cosmetics company, just when I think I don’t need anything else. How much is Kylie Cosmetics’ Koko Kollection & Burgundy Kyshadow Palette Bundle? Buying these two products together will help save a little cash. Oh, Jenner, you know just how to get me!

It’s hard to pass up the chance to keep a few dollars while simultaneously purchasing from Kylie Cosmetics, and obviously, Jenner, being the savvy business woman she is, gets that. Not only did she just restock the Koko Kollection (which was still available for purchase at the time of publication, btw) but she also went and paired it with one of her gorgeous eyeshadow palettes for a combo you just can’t refuse.

It would normally cost you $82 to add the Koko Kollection and a Kyshadow Palette to your cart, but if you take advantage of this special offer, you’ll save $2 and be able to cop the set for just 80 bucks. According to the brand's Instagram, if you shop while supplies last, you’ll also receive free worldwide shipping when you buy this duo. So, not only are you saving money on product, you’re saving on shipping, too.

She's gone and convinced me to spend, again.


You've got to admit, this is an incredible shopping opportunity.

I mean, you get all these amazing lip colors.

Plus these stunning shadows.

It's no wonder people are willing to scoop this up. It really is a no-brainer, if you ask me!

Courtesy Kylie Cosmetics

Koko Kollection & Burgundy Kyshadow Palette, $80, Kylie Cosmetics

What are you waiting for? This offer, including thirteen incredible hues, free shipping and $2 off, is calling your name.

When it comes giving you reasons to spend money, Jenner's the best in the game.