How Much Is The Target X SUGARFIX By BaubleBar Collection? These Jewels Are Must-Have

If you’re thinking of adding to your jewelry collection this Valentine’s Day, well, now you know exactly where to tell your SO to shop for it (or where to buy it for your own fashionable self!). How much is the Target X SUGARFIX by BaubleBar collection? You're in for a treat because adding these stunning pieces to your personal line-up won’t break the bank.

Just as you’d expect from just about anything sold at Target, this jewelry range, including necklaces, earrings and more, is super affordable. According to a statement released by Target, each and every item is less than $30. So, one thing’s for sure. You’re going to need a shopping spree at this retailer the moment these jewels become available to shop!

You can expect to see the collab online and in over 900 Target stores, according to the press release. SUGARFIX will be available to shop on Jan. 31, so go ahead and draw a heart around that date on the calendar, like, right now. This will forever be remembered as the day you fell in love with your personal accessory style all over again. Because let me tell you something — this collection will most definitely make your heart go pitter-pat.

Get ready to get your sugar fix, in more ways than one!

Courtesy Target

Swoon-worthy pieces fill the line.

Courtesy Target

You can opt for minimal metallic items.

Courtesy Target

Or go bold with a pop of color.

Courtesy Target

The choice is entirely yours, and there's really no wrong decision!

Whatever Target and BaubleBar are cooking up, you can go ahead and count everyone in because the world's more than ready for affordable, gorgeous jewelry!