How 'The Eagle Huntress' Promotes Female Empowerment — Exclusive VIDEO

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Even if you're the most empowered lady of all the empowered women in the world, we all have down days. That's what great movies, television, and music is for — to bring some much needed light and power. In the Daisy Ridley-narrated documentary, The Eagle Huntress, female empowerment is at an all-time high. In a brief teaser shared by the documentary's distributor, Sony Pictures, we get a brief taste of this undeniable female empowerment.

The documentary, which comes from director Otto Bell, follows a teen named Aisholpan who lives on the gorgeously scenic Mongolian steppe, as she trains to become the first woman in thousands of years and twelve generations of her Kazakh family to practice the tradition of using an eagle to hunt.

In the teaser, Bell points out that the community in which the thirteen-year-old has grown up is conservative, and the elders in the community might not want a female to step into a role traditionally performed by men. And yet, the young huntress refuses to give up... which is some serious girl power goals/female empowerment vibes if I've ever heard of any. As Ridley puts it, "she's breaking down gender barriers in community."

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The teaser also reveals that, now, Aisholpan isn't the only female member of her community who is training to hunt. This young girl followed her dreams and by doing so opened up all sorts of doors and barriers for other women. Her only advice to make one's dreams come true? The Eagle Huntress' claims in the teaser that the trick is to stay persistent. I think that's the sort of advice we can all get behind.

For more than just a taste of this female empowerment, not to mention the beautiful views of the Mongolian steppe, be sure to pick up a copy of The Eagle Huntress, available on Blu-Ray/DVD and Digital on February 7.