How To Create The Next Lip Smackers Flavor & Fulfill Your '90s Kid Dreams

If there's anything '90s kids can agree on, it's that Lip Smackers lip balm is the end-all be-all when it comes to lip products. From the always-popular Dr. Pepper flavor to the more recent Lip Cafe Frappe collection, Lip Smackers have proved they're still relevant even years later. (Plus, #nostalgia.) So when I read it was possible to fulfill the ultimate '90s dream and create a new Lip Smackers flavor, I had to know what was up, stat.

So what are the details behind how you become a Lip Smackers Tastemaker? Turn to the Lip Smackers social channels to enter the contest. You have to leave a comment on one of the Lip Smackers Tastemaker announcement . First, pick the name of your flavor. Second, pick three key ingredients. Third, pick a descriptor (salty, sweet, cool, crisp, warm or tingly). Fourth, tag your comment #LSTastemaker.

It's a pretty cool concept right? I mean, who wouldn't want to be the brains behind a new Lip Smackers flavor? All you need is an original idea (trust me, it's actually harder to come up with than you'd think), and you could be an official Lip Smackers Tastemaker before you know it.

Here's the original post, but you can comment on any of the brand's announcement photos.

The winning flavor will be a limited edition item only available on the Lip Smackers website.

If you win, you also get your own batch of the hand-crafted special edition Lip Smackers.

You can participate in the contest until May 19, and voting on the finalists begins May 30. The official winner will be announced June 28, so get those entries in now.