How To Customize Your Bath If You’re Not Oprah-Level Rich

When Oprah revealed to James Corden on The Late Late Show that she has a bathtub specifically molded to her body measurements, bath enthusiasts around the globe took a collective gasp at the very thought. Fortunately, you don't have to be Oprah-level rich to customize your bath experience. Baths are known to have numerous health benefits; they've been linked to boosting mood, helping skin issues and sleep problems and soothing muscle aches, and in a 2017 study, an hour-long bath was found to produce similar levels of anti-inflammatories and blood sugar responses to 60 minutes of exercise. While many of us opt for showers in pursuit of better time management and lower water usage, a luxurious bath is definitely a boost every so often.

But to have a bath molded to your individual body, for any human who loves to soak in a tub until their toes get pruney, is unimaginable luxury. (It also begs some questions: what bath manufacturer does this amazing service, for instance?) But we bath-loving plebs can still manage a bit of luxury, even if we are managing our money a little bit more thriftily than the actor and lifestyle mogul. These 11 bath products will make you feel like you had your tub shipped in directly from Carrara.

1. Your Own Bath Salts


Artisan Bath Kit, $25, Oregon

Bath bombs and other products are divine, but they can add up rapidly in your bank account. Fortunately, it's possible to make your own, with a little guidance. The Spruce has a basic recipe for bath salts using Epsom salts, essential oils, and sea salt, and Popular Science has a way of making your own bath bombs with ingredients like citric acid, coconut oil, corn starch, and food coloring. If you want to keep things simple, buy yourself a kit; DIY kits can be a splurge, but an Artisan Kit from Oregon will only set you back $25.00.

2. A Customized Bathrobe

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bath Robes, $56.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

You bet Oprah has bathrobes with her name stitched on them, probably by French nuns in a remote village in the Alps. Fortunately, the possibility of a customized robe after you step out of your suds isn't limited to the very wealthy. Bed Bath & Beyond has a full range of monogrammed bath towels and robes, and there are companies devoted to the concept of embroidering your robe — or you could grab your own sew-on or iron-on letters from Etsy and do it yourself.

3. A Fancy Bath Tray Or Caddy

The Bath Tray Company

Personalized Bath Tray, $36.00, Etsy

Nothing says "outrageously decadent" like a bath tray across the top of your bath that holds your iPad, book, candles, and a cup of tea. Fortunately they're pretty inexpensive; The Bath Tray Company on Etsy has many options, while Royal Craft Wood has a "luxury" caddy with more flaps and folds than an origami swan for $35.00. A note: don't balance electronics on one of these unless the tray is specifically designed to hold them.

4. Fake Tiles


Spanish Tile Decals, $23.00, Etsy

Nothing says "I am an elegant person who deserves champagne poured over her head in her sparkling tub" like expensive bathroom tiling. However, we can't all be Mariah Carey. Luckily, fake stick-on tiles can come to the rescue; even if you're in rented accommodation, some tile decals can make your bath look brilliantly dramatic. SirFace Graphics over at Etsy has some faux-Spanish style tile stickers that are substantially less expensive than a home renovation, but companies like Moon Wall Stickers offer great ones too — and Your Deco Shop even offers weird underwater scenes.

5. An Opulent Bath Mat


Bambusi Bath Mat, $39.99, Amazon

Get that fancy-spa feel with a bath mat that's dropped straight out of a highly expensive Swedish member's club. One: it'll help you step in and out of your bath without slipping. Two: it'll look great. Bamboo bath mats are a popular option, and Amazon has them for $39.99, or Curbly has a great round-up of fancy bathmats you can DIY yourself, from cedar options to knitted rope.

6. A Bath Bubble Machine

Bath Bubble Machine

Bath Bubble Machine, $27.00, Amazon

I had no idea this was a thing. How did I not know this was a thing?! Forget adding bubble bath as the bath runs — a bubble machine suckers onto the side of the tub, is filled with bubble liquid and then dispenses bubbles everywhere in sight. They're often used for children, but there's no reason you shouldn't have one for your very own, even if, like the Munchkin version, it's shaped like a penguin.

7. Bath Pillow


Epica Bath Pillow, Amazon, $12.50

There's nothing worse than getting into a perfectly run bath only to discover that the space where you'd rest your head is cold, slippery, or otherwise occupied with shampoos and a stray sodden towel. The fix? A bath pillow. They're common in spas, and often fasten onto the side of the tub to allow you to position them juuuuust right behind your delicate skull. Epica has one on Amazon, as does Kooshen.

8. An Amazing Shower Curtain

Crescent & Clair

Watercolour Whales Shower Curtain, $59.00, Etsy

How long is it since you updated your shower curtain? If your answer is years, or an ashamed mumble, it's time to go shopping. To give yourself a little more privacy while you're bathing, something delightful and waterproof is the way forward. Etsy has a huge range of quirky inexpensive options, while Zara Home has a cute geometric pattern and H&M has a nice range of florals and botanicals. Sophistication: sorted.

9. A Fancy Bath Product Dispenser


Glass Soap Dispenser, Amara, $17.00

You might get all your bath products from the drug store, but nobody else has to know that. Get yourself some pretty product dispensers to make you look like an Old Hollywood starlet while you slather on the bath gel. H&M Home has a very cute glass range, and Amara has some epic Art Deco style cut glass at $17.

10. A Rack For Bath Candles


Bath Candle Holder, Etsy, $40.99

Are you the kind of person who loves to light some candles and float away to bathing heaven? Get yourself a candle-holder specifically designed for baths to make sure that you don't splash them all out (or worse; burn your hair on them). Etsy has some excellent custom-made ones that will fit tea lights and other candles.

11. A Bath Massage Cushion


Bath Massage Pillow, $50.00, Homedics

This genius idea should get its inventor some kind of prize. It's designed to suction onto the back of a bath and give gentle vibrations to your back, releasing tension. Yes, you read that right: it's a vibrating massage chair for your bath. If you never get out of your tub again this is probably going to be the reason why. Just don't fall asleep in the water.