Get Kat Von D's Classic Shadow Primer At A Steal

Old Skool is where it's at, at least when it comes to Kat Von D Beauty. The brand often offers classic or vintage products at deep discounts when they are discontinued or being reformulated or repackaged. Kat Von D Beauty's High Voltage Eyeshadow Primer, with its thin tip and squeeze tube, is currently available for $7. It's slashed from the usual $15 price tag. Where can you get the High Voltage primer for just seven bucks?

At the Kat Von D Beauty site, that's where! The product is currently in stock at an amazing bargain price you do not want to pass up. Grab a tube or two, before I beat you to it, and you can rest assured that your eyeshadow won't migrate, courtesy of this adherent.

Yes, you've read everything right. The KVD High Voltage Primer is on sale for less than $10. In a world where #ByeMoney moments happen every day and you're left wrestling with borrowing against your rent budget in order to grab a new makeup innovation, a sale —more like steal— price on a quality cosmetics item is beyond welcome.

The product description notes that the primer smooths lids and boosts the intensity of makeup while avoiding creases or fading. Who can argue with all of that awesome?

Go get it, Kat Von D-evotees. You can create wild and gorgeous eye makeup looks with any brand's high quality eyeshadows or liners. But without a solid primer on which the products will adhere, you're screwed.

This sale isn't too good to be true. But it likely won't last long. So don't delay. Hit Kat Von D Beauty's official site and scoop up a few tubes. The product is no longer available via Sephora, which is KVDB's retail partner.

Images: Kat Von D Beauty/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Kat Von D Beauty (1)