Pancake Cereal Is TikTok's New Viral Food — And It's Really Simple To Make At Home

How To Make The Pancake Cereal Recipe That’s Going Viral On TikTok

Shakespeare may have written King Lear during quarantine, but we are making miniature pancake cereal on TikTok. Let the history books show that TikTok food trends are our King Lear. E-girls can write in iambic pentameter, but could Shakespeare do the “Renegade” dance?

This latest food trend is... exactly what it sounds like: itty-bitty, cereal-sized pancakes. That’s it. That’s the whole trend. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Making the batter is the easiest part. Just find your favorite pancake recipe or use your go-to pancake mix. You could go wild and try out The Cheesecake Factory’s lemon-ricotta pancake recipe or their cinnamon roll pancakes. See if they work with a two-ingredient pancake recipe. Truly, almost any pancake recipe will do.

The next part is a little bit trickier: find something that will squeeze out tiny pancake batter dollops onto your pan. Here are some ideas:

  • A pastry bag with a small tip
  • A plastic bag with a small hole cut in the corner
  • A food-grade squeeze bottle
  • A rinsed out old ketchup bottle, a mustard bottle, dressing bottle, etc.
  • An empty plastic water bottle with a hole punctured in the top
  • A very small spoon and a very steady hand

Anything can be a pancake cereal maker if you just believe.

Next, squeeze out your pancake batter into tiny pancakes. Most people are making tiny pancakes about the size of a nickel, but you can go smaller or bigger if you want. Your pancake cereal, your rules.

When you see small bubbles, flip them over and let the other side cook. It’ll probably only take a minute or less since the pancakes are so small. After both sized are golden brown, put those teeny-weeny pancake babies into a bowl and voila! You've got pancake cereal.

Now comes the most difficult part: deciding what topping best suits your pancake cereal. You could top them with a little butter and some syrup. You could add whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Perhaps you're a powdered sugar kind of a person. You could even drizzle them with frosting or Nutella. Heck, put milk in them if you really want to go for the full cereal effect and don’t mind mushy pancakes. Again, there is no wrong way to enjoy pancake cereal.

This TikTok food creation is best enjoyed with other TikTok food creations. Why have an ordinary cup of coffee alongside these extraordinary mini pancakes? Pair your pancake cereal with the viral dalgona coffee also called “whipped coffee.” Eat them with a crunchy sweet treat like this Japanese honeycomb toffee or Karumeyaki. Do the Doja Cat “Say So” dance between every bite, perhaps the most authentic way to enjoy a TikTok-inspired dish.