Huck Is Obsessed With 'The Bachelor' On 'Scandal's 100th Episode & It's Too Perfect

Scandal's 100th episode is here, and it brought a lot of surprising plot twists. In a world where Olivia never rigged the election, she and Fitz are married, Cyrus is pretending to be straight as Mellie's husband, and it basically couldn't be any more different from the way things are on the show today. In fact, in Scandal's alternate reality, Huck is obsessed with The Bachelor... and it's exactly the kind of scene this show needed after such an intense season so far.

OK, so it's not exactly The Bachelor. It's a very similar show (I see you, ABC!) called The Prince, and if you were wondering where Quinn exists in this universe, there she is, right on the screen. Except she's still Lindsay Dwyer — her real name — and she has zillions of Instagram followers, and Huck just can't stop watching. In fact, when Olivia comes home, he and Abby are totally glued to her TV, and they can't get enough.

As a longtime fan of both The Bachelor and Scandal, seeing two of my favorite shows come together like this was amazing... especially since I never would have imagined in a million years that Huck would ever be into a show like that.

If Scandal brings one thing from the alternate universe to the actual Scandal universe, I want it to be Huck's love of reality TV, especially The Prince... you know, as long as he survives that near death experience. I'd love to see what he thinks about the contestants' amazing journey.