If You Don't Own At Least 3 Things On This List, Then Maybe You Need To Get Your Act Together

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A best friend should always be on your side, but a best friend should also always tell it like it is. They should tell you if you have cilantro stuck in your teeth. They should tell you not to text that person back. And they should let you know yes, you look amazing in that skirt, but it's snowing outside. Well, consider me your best online shopping friend — and I'm here to tell you that if you don't have at least three of these products everyone needs, it's time to get your act together.

Are your sneakers, flats, and boots all piled up on the floor of your closet? I've got an over-the-door shoe rack to organize them. Does your plain, black laptop case feel a little boring? I've got a next-level laptop shoulder tote, so you can traipse across town feeling like the stylish person you are. Fingernails cracked and splitting? I've even got a product to fix that — although I'm sorry, I can't make you stop biting them.

In the end, we all get by with a little help from our friends. So go ahead and click through for products that'll help you get your act together for good.

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