If You Don't Own At Least 3 Things On This List, Then Maybe You Need To Get Your Act Together


A best friend should always be on your side, but a best friend should also always tell it like it is. They should tell you if you have cilantro stuck in your teeth. They should tell you not to text that person back. And they should let you know yes, you look amazing in that skirt, but it's snowing outside. Well, consider me your best online shopping friend — and I'm here to tell you that if you don't have at least three of these products everyone needs, it's time to get your act together.

Are your sneakers, flats, and boots all piled up on the floor of your closet? I've got an over-the-door shoe rack to organize them. Does your plain, black laptop case feel a little boring? I've got a next-level laptop shoulder tote, so you can traipse across town feeling like the stylish person you are. Fingernails cracked and splitting? I've even got a product to fix that — although I'm sorry, I can't make you stop biting them.

In the end, we all get by with a little help from our friends. So go ahead and click through for products that'll help you get your act together for good.


This Combination Phone Charger, Stand, And Night Light

I'm all about products that combine several functions into one, like this USB charging wall plate. Replacing your regular outlet plate, it features a built-in charger with two USB ports, so you can power up two devices at once. A lip on the top of the charger acts as a phone stand, and the underside is outfitted with a motion-sensor night light — so you can find that glass of water on your bedside table in the middle of the night.


An Over-The-Door Shoe Rack With Adjustable Shelves

Are your shoes piled up on top of each other on the floor of your closet? Get them organized and out of the way with this over-the-door shoe rack. The rack has space for up to 24 pairs of shoes, and here's the genius part: each shelf can be folded up, creating more vertical space for taller shoes and boots. Non-slip pads on the back prevent any damage to the door, while also keeping the rack from sliding around.


A Super Soft Mitt That Deeply Cleanses Your Face

This facial cleansing mitt can be used over and over, which is one reason I love it. (Economical!) I also love it because it works so well. The soft, plush mitt removes dirt, oil, and makeup more thoroughly and more gently than just using your hands, and the pointed end of the mitt is perfect for washing away eye makeup. Just use with a little water and cleanser. The mitt is hand- and machine-washable.


This Versatile Carabiner That's Also A Purse Hook

This bag carabiner and purse holder is outfitted with two rings that pivot on each other, making it much more versatile than other carabiners. Use it to hang items from strollers, or use it to attach your carry-on to your suitcase. Want to keep your purse off the floor? You can also use the carabiner as a convenient hook on restaurant tables or bathroom stall doors. The carabiner is available in colors like blue, black, silver, and orange.


This Weighted Blanket That Helps You Sleep More Soundly

Many reviewers find that sleeping under a weighted blanket can help ease feelings of anxiety or restlessness — so you sleep longer and more deeply. This highly-rated blanket is filled with weighted beads that are sewn into small pockets, which help distribute weight evenly, so the beads don't all end up on one side of the blanket when you shift position. The blanket is made with breathable, hotel-quality cotton with reinforced double-stitched edges that resist fraying.


A Clothes Steamer That Doubles As An Iron

Steam or iron your clothes with this handy steam iron. To steam clothes, hang your garments up and use the trigger to release a steady mist to instantly smooth out wrinkles and creases. For more difficult jobs, use it as a traditional iron with an ironing board. The iron heats up within one minute and features a pulse function to help you target particularly tough wrinkles.


A Miniature Desk Fan That's Way More Sophisticated Than Most Fans

The classic design of this 6-inch desk fan will blend in seamlessly with any aesthetic, but it's definitely reminiscent of the glam 1940s. It's USB-powered, so you can plug it into laptops and wall outlets alike. It's just the right size for desktops, cubicles, and nightstands — and it's tilt-adjustable so you can aim it where you need the most cooling relief.


A Fabric Shaver That Removes Pilling From Clothes And Upholsteryd

Want to make your all-time favorite sweater look like new? Use this fabric shaver — it easily removes pilling, fuzz, and lint from all kinds of fabric. The shaver features six stainless steel rotary blades, and the blade cover and adjustable heights help to protect fabric (and your hands) while you shave. The shaver is battery-operated, but you can also charge it up via USB. Use it on sheets, curtains, and upholstery too.


These Eco-Friendly Food Storage Wraps You Can Use Over And Overs

Looking for ways to reduce your one-time plastic use? Skip old school plastic wrap and us these reusable food wraps instead. The natural wraps are handmade in Vermont and are made from cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. They can be used to wrap up food or cover plates and bowls for easy storage. Each wrap lasts for up to one year and is washable and compostable. Choose from five colors and patterns.


This Hanging Rack That Doubles Your Closet Space

Have you ever noticed all that extra space in your closet underneath your shirts? Put it to good use with this closet organizer. The organizer hangs on your closet rod and features a bar about halfway down that's perfect for hanging clothing underneath the clothing that's already hanging in your closet. The organizer also features six rubber-tipped hooks on side, so you can hang purses, belts, and scarves, too.


A Himalayan Salt Lamp That Purifies The Air

Bring the spa vibes home with this therapeutic Himalayan salt lamp. Himalayan salt crystals are known to give off negative ions, which work to purify the air, reduce allergens, and (hopefully) decrease feelings of stress. The salt crystals are hand-carved — so no two lamps are alike — and set in a clear glass, so you get the full effects of its warm glow.


This Sink Strainer That Also Prevents Water From Getting Backed Up

The problem with most sink strainers is that they block the flow of water as you wash dishes — which adds up to doing your dishes in several inches of dirty water. This ingenious sink strainer, though, features optimal hole placement in the basket and in the center cylinder, which allows water to flow through freely, while still catching food debris. This reviewer writes: "I've always hated how quickly my old sink strainer would clog up ... After purchasing this strainer, this rarely happens and it also drains so much faster in general. Get it!"


This Memory Foam Travel Pillow With Contours In All The Right Places

You're taking a cross-country flight, so why not make it as comfortable as possible with this memory foam travel pillow? The pillow is more mindfully-designed than other pillows, with contours specifically meant to cradle your neck and head. A drawstring closure on the front of the pillow also allows you to adjust the mount of support you get. The fabric cover is breathable, sweat-resistant, removable, and washable. Bonus: the pillow comes with earplugs and a sleeping mask.


A Touch-Sensing Mug Warmer That Keeps Your Coffee Hot

You prefer to sip your coffee rather than chug it down first thing in the morning, but your cup of Joe is cold before you even drink half of it. Use this pressure-sensitive mug warmer to keep it hot. Just set your mug on the heating plate and it'll automatically turn on. Remove your mug and it'll automatically turn off. The warmer keeps beverages hot up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit, and it's safe to use with glass, ceramic, and stainless steel mugs.


These Stainless Steel Straws That Fold Up So You Can Carry Them In Your Purse

One-use plastic straws are quickly going the way of the dodo bird, which is great for the environment, but not so great if you hate the feeling of ice cubes hitting your teeth. If that's you, keep these collapsible stainless steel straws handy. The 9-inch straws fold up small and fit into a carrying case that you can stash in your purse or attach to your keychain. They're dishwasher-safe, but a scrubbing brush keeps them extra-clean.


These Contoured Dish Scrapers That Remove Stuck-On Food

Okay, so you left the dishes piled up in the sink overnight, and now there's crusty food all over your plates and bowls. Put these dish scrapers to work. The tough nylon scrapers work off even the most stuck-on food, and they're contoured to fit into the curves of any bowl. Plus those cheery colors make doing the dishes a little less of a drag.


An Organizer That Keeps Your Desk Tidy

Is the clutter on your desk making you feel a little unhinged? Use this desk organizer to restore a sense of sanity. The minimalist wooden organizer features five compartments: use the bigger ones for notebooks and papers, the smaller ones for pens and sticky notes, and the small drawer for paper clips and thumbtacks. And those wooden date blocks on the front? They help you remember what day it is.


A Three-Step System To Relieve Foot Pain

These foot massagers are an all-encompassing system to relieve foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis or long hours spent standing. First, roll your foot along the spiky ball to trigger myofascial release. Then use the cylindrical roller to stimulate blood flow and speed up healing time. Last but not least, take the small ball out of the freezer (yep, you'll want to store it in the freezer — it's filled with a non-toxic cooling gel), and roll your foot along it to ease inflammation. Sweet relief.


These Lightweight But Durable Grocery Bags

These reusable grocery bags are super roomy, but fold up small enough to fit inside your back pocket. The lightweight bags feature reinforced stitching that makes them sturdy enough to hold up to 44 pounds. The best part? They're washable, so you don't have to stress if that carton of milk springs a leak. Choose from multiple patterns and colors, so you can look fashionable AF while you meander through the frozen food aisle.


A Sink Caddy For Your Sponges And Scrubbers

Are your sponges and scrub brushes hanging out on the bottom of your sink? Use this sink caddy instead. The caddy has a removable divider — one half of the divider is perfect for taller items like scrubbing brushes, and the other half of the divider features an elevated platform that's perfect for storing sponges. Draining holes on the bottom allow your scrubbers to dry efficiently, and a drip tray catches the water so it doesn't pool all over your countertop.


This Pop-Up Laptop Stand That Adheres To The Bottom Of Your Computer

It's not exactly convenient to haul a laptop stand back and forth between work and home, which is why this laptop stand is such a genius solution. The super slim stand attaches to the bottom of your computer with adhesive and folds up flat when you're not using it. When you're ready to use, the stand pops up and elevates your laptop at either a 15-degree or 25-degree angle (your choice). The stand supports up to 18 pounds of weight, and don't worry — the adhesive won't leave any marks or stickiness if you remove it.


A Base And Top Coat That Nourishes Your Nails

Why just give yourself a manicure when you can make them grow with this unique nail growth system? The polish functions as both a base and top coat, but it actually works to improve the health of your nails too. Infused with collagen, fatty acids, and vitamins, the polish works to strengthen nails, while also preventing brittleness and chipping. This reviewer swears by it, writing: "I was having a lot of issues with my nails splitting and peeling. This product not only has strengthened my nails, but my manicure and color lasts a full week! Fantastic!!!"


This Set Of Flexible Silicone Bakeware That Covers All The Bases

I'm a big fan of this non-stick silicone bakeware set because the flexible material means it's so much easier to remove baked goods from the pans and molds. The set comes with round and rectangular cake pans, a bread pan, a donut pan, a muffin pan, and 36 cupcake molds in round, heart, and pumpkin shapes. The bakeware is dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, and heat-resistant up to 450 degrees.


These Glass Storage Containers In So Many Sizes

You know you're a true grown up once you transition from plastic to glass food storage containers. This set comes with 24 containers of various shapes and sizes, so you can store anything from a handful of almonds to an entire dinner for two. Air-tight snap-lock lids ensure the contents won't spill out and onto the bottom of your picnic bag. The BPA-free containers are dishwasher- and freezer-safe.


A Pitcher Made From Unbreakable Glass

This pitcher is made from borosilicate glass, which is virtually unbreakable and extremely temperature-resistant. In fact, it can handle drinks temperatures from anywhere between 0 and 300 degrees. The stainless steel pour spout can be used two ways: the open setting lets ice cubes or lemon slices flow through, and the filtered setting keeps the cubes in the pitcher. The 2-liter pitcher is BPA-free and microwave and dishwasher-safe. Use this to pour lemonade at your next backyard barbecue.


This Purse Organizer So You Can Actually Find Your Keys

Handbags can be an abyss of lost keys, lip balm, and sunglasses — but you can keep everything in order with this purse organizer. Made from soft but sturdy felt, the organizer has one main compartment and six inner pockets, as well as exterior pockets that are perfect for quick grabs, like your phone and lipstick. A key strap helps you keep track of keys, and the carrying handles make it easy to transfer the organizer between purses. Choose from nine colors and two sizes.


This Cutting Board That Makes Chopping So Much More Efficient

This innovative cutting board makes chopping up food a much more streamlined process. The board has a built-in strainer that's perfect for storing fruits and veggies until you're ready to chop them, and the slide-out tray on the bottom is perfect for holding your veggies after you've chopped them. (Or use it as a receptacle for stems, seeds, and peels). All parts are dishwasher-safe.


A Germ-Resistant Scrubber That Looks Like A Cute Hedgehog

This super versatile scrubbing brush is outfitted with dozens of flexible bristles that deeply clean dishes, glasses, pans, fruit, and veggies. It dries quickly — because it's made from silicone — and won't harbor bacteria the way regular sponges can. Not that big into hedgehogs? Opt for a fish or duck scrubber instead. The scrubber is heat-resistant up to 445 degrees and dishwasher-safe.


This Heated Tool That Reseals Food Bags

Leave twist ties, rubber bands, and chip clips in the dust, and use this heated bag re-sealer instead. (Yep, it's possible to actually re-seal your bags, so they seem like they just came from the store.) It works a lot like a flat iron — just plug in, let warm up for one minute, and run the ceramic heating element across the opening of the bag. It's safe to use with plastic, aluminum, and paper.


A Laptop Shoulder Bag That's Cushioned And Waterproof

Lugging your laptop around town just got easier (and cooler) thanks to this laptop bag. Made from waterproof canvas, the bag features a bubble layer on the bottom and sides to prevent damage. A wide exterior pocket is perfect for keys and charging cords, and a horizontal strap on the back lets you slide the bag around your suitcase handle. The bag accommodates 13-inch laptops, and the shoulder strap is adjustable, so you get a comfortable fit. Choose from 18 colors and patterns.


This Shower Curtain Sealer That Keeps Water From Splattering On The Bathroom Floor

No matter how tight you pull that shower curtain, a small stream of water somehow always manages to sneak through that gap between the curtain and shower wall. (Cue puddle on the bathroom floor.) Keep that from happening with the help of this shower curtain sealer. It sandwiches the curtain and attaches to your shower wall with a little 3M adhesive, keeping all that water inside your shower, where it belongs.


A Spoon Rest That Attaches To Your Pot

Spoon rests are great, but there is that inevitable dripping that happens when you transfer the spoon from the pot to the rest. This pot clip, though, attaches right to the rim and lets you rest your spoon over the pot so that it never get the chance to drip all over the stove. Made from silicone and stainless steel, the clip is heat-resistant up to 482 degrees and dishwasher-safe.


These Coasters Made From Super Absorbent Ceramic Stone

These coasters are made from ceramic stone, which is super absorbent — that means they soak up any condensation from your glass, so that the surface of the coasters remain dry (unlike metal and silicone coasters). The backs of the coasters are made from cork, which prevents glasses from slipping around and also protects your table from scratches. Plus, the mod, geometric designs are lovely.


A Sunrise Alarm Clock That Projects The Time On The Wall

This sunrise alarm clock wakes you up slowly (and gently) by simulating a sunrise over a 30-minute span of time before your actual alarm goes off. But there's more — the clock also has a built-in 180-degree adjustable projector that displays the time on your ceiling or wall. The Bluetooth-enabled clock also has an FM radio, as well as the option to play one of three sleep songs to help you relax at the end of the day.


This Rice Cooker That's So Easy To Use

If you don't have a ton of space in your kitchen, this compact rice cooker is for you. The cooker makes up to 2 cups of rice with just the touch of a button, and the warm setting keeps it hot while you're finishing your stir fry. This reviewer writes: "This cute little non-stick gizmo makes PERFECT rice while you IGNORE it, sometimes for hours..." You can also use the cooker to make soup, quinoa, pasta, and steamed veggies.


These Computer Glasses That Block Out Sleep-Disrupting Blue Light

Spending long hours staring at your computer screen can mess with your circadian rhythm — all that blue light tells your brain it's daytime all the time. (So yeah, there's a good reason why you're not sleeping after that late night TV marathon.) These blue light blocking computer glasses, though, help you get your circadian rhythm back on track so you can sleep soundly at night. They also help prevent any eye strain and headaches caused by all that bright light. Choose from tortoise shell, leopard, and classic black frames.


These Mini Dehumidifiers That Fend Off Mold And Mildew

These mini dehumidifiers are filled with silica gel beads that absorb excess moisture in the air, helping to prevent mold and mildew growth. Each dehumidifier works on its own for up to four weeks. After that, plug it in for 10 hours to revive the silica gel and you can use them again and again. Use these to fend off dampness in bathrooms, kitchens, closets, and safes.


These Magnetic Clips That Organize Your Cables

Modern life is essentially a never-ending tangle of cords and cables, but you can keep them all straight with these magnetic cable clips. Each flexible silicone clip features two magnetic tabs that attach to each other. Just gather and loop your cables, then secure them with the magnets. The clips are pretty versatile; use them as page holders, refrigerator magnets, and chip clips.


A Shelf That Magnetizes To Your Refrigerator

This magnetic fridge organizer just might be the easiest way to add storage space to your kitchen. The organizer mounts to the side of your fridge with four super powerful magnets (you can also screw the organizer into the wall if you prefer). The organizer has two shelves for holding spices, condiments, and oils, as well as a roller for paper towels or hand towels. Six hooks on the bottom are ideal for hanging spoons and spatulas. Use this and majorly free up cabinet space.


An Easy-To-Use Milk Frother For At-Home Lattes

Personally, I need a cup of coffee before I do anything in the morning — which is why I prefer this milk frother over standing in line at the coffee shop. The battery-powered, handheld frother features a stainless steel spiral whisk that creates creamy foam for cappuccinos and lattes in just 15 to 20 seconds. Use it to make milkshakes and fancy cocktails too.


This Productivity Planner That Helps You Achieve Your Longterm Goals

There are planners that help you keep track of appointments, and planners that actually help you reach your goals — like this productivity planner. The 12-month undated planner has space for reflections, vision boards, yearly goals, and notes, as well as weekly and monthly calendars that help you manage your day-to-day life. The notebook-sized planner is made from vegan leather and comes in colors like rose gold, lavender, black, and sky blue.

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