Jaclyn Hill's Cryptic Tweet Could Be A Hint About A New Product

If there's a beauty guru that reigns supreme when it comes to creating a blinding glow, it's Jaclyn Hill. From crafting the iconic Champagne Pop highlighter to her signature catch phrase "Highlight on fleek," she knows how to shine bright. Another thing she's great at? Nude lips. So, is a Jaclyn Hill nude lipstick coming? The guru has always been upfront about creating her own makeup line and has teased it in the past, and on Tuesday, she hinted a little bit more.

On Tuesday, Hill took to her Snapchat to showcase her impressive collection of nude lip colors. From Kat Von D to Kylie Cosmetics, her drawers are filled with nudes of every color. But what about a signature shade? Well, it might be coming.

According to her Twitter reply to a fan who asked for a Jaclyn Hill crafted nude, Hill responded, "I got you girl," accompanied by an angel emoji. Basically, it appears as though the guru is admitting that an official lippie is headed fans' way.

Of course, Hillsters have heard rumblings of a makeup brand from the guru for some time, but it's the nude lip specifically that has gotten the most hype. In fact, in a YouTube video, Hill even teased a lipstick that she couldn't talk about. Could it be from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics? Is her tweet a sign?

Fans immediately latched on to the tweet with it gaining over 1500 likes in only four hours. Hill hasn't followed up on the potentially cryptic meaning, but the tweet certainly seems like a glimmer of hope.

After her Snapchat video, fans immediately started calling for Hill to craft her nude, but it's hard to forget the teaser she gave fans in 2016.

That lippie definitely looks like a nude, right? Could it be the one she teased on Tuesday?

Only time will tell if Jaclyn Hill's nude lipstick comes into existence. Until then, at least fans have the stellar Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette to hold them over.