Is Corinne Dating Anyone After 'The Bachelor'? She May Have Met Her Own "Villainous" Match

I was sad to see Corinne get eliminated from The Bachelor last week. It truly was like the end of an era. I mean, with Corinne gone, things are a little dull over in Bachelor land. So, instead, we can focus on what everyone's favorite villain is doing post-Bachelor. And, I think the most important question that weighs on everyone's mind has to do with her dating life. So, is Corinne dating anyone now after The Bachelor?

Corinne probably has her pick of the litter now that she has recovered from her tearful elimination limo ride. She was very adamant that she was looking for a man that appreciates everything that she has to offer. So, has she found someone to make her forget about Nick? Well, there hasn't been any official confirmation of her relationship status since she left this season of The Bachelor last week, but there have been some interesting developments that seem to point in the direction of a possible hookup within the Bachelor family. That's right, Corinne may be hanging out with another member of the super exclusive Bachelor contestant club. Brave yourselves because Corinne could possibly have a connection with big bad Chad.

I know! Again, there is no confirmation that these two are dating, but there is some seriously compelling evidence that makes it seem like they could be getting cozier. The two took a photo together with Olivia Caridi at a pre-Oscars party and when it was posted to Chad's Instagram account, fans went wild with the possibility that these two "villains" could possibly connect to form a couple. Well, Chad didn't exactly put those rumors to bed because when he was asked by InTouch about their friendship, Chad revealed exactly what he thinks about Corinne, saying, “Corinne is hot." He then added, “If we were dating, you could tell me she’s the worst person on planet Earth and I wouldn’t care. I’m Team Corinne.” Sounds like Chad is all in on this pairing.

Chad told Hollywood Life that he and Corinne have been texting, and Chad felt compelled to share advice with her about how to deal with the hate that comes from being labeled the villain. Recently, Chad revealed that he will return to Bachelor In Paradise this season and plans to really look for love this time around. Corinne has not confirmed her spot on the Bachelor spinoff but if they end up in Paradise together, maybe it will be exactly what they need to light the fire together.

Regardless of her relationship status at the moment, I hope Corinne finds what she is looking for... hopefully in Paradise.