Is Jackie Aina's Sigma Beauty Brush Set Sold Out? Get It While You Can, Fans

YouTube beauty bloggers' popularity only seems to continue to rise. From the millions of views on their YouTube videos to the plethora of brand collaborations, the beauty guru community appears to be growing, and it's not slowing down anytime soon. Jackie Aina's Sigma Beauty Brush Set is proof that everyone loves a great brand x blogger collaboration, and while makeup junkies love a great highlighter or eyeshadow palette, the brush set is perfect for its appeal across the beauty fan spectrum. Whether you're a junkie just looking to add some new brushes to your collection or a newbie to the beauty game, the set is perfection for anyone.

Aina debuted the collection on her social media pages two weeks ago, and since then, she has even uploaded a video and tutorial about the five brushes. With two face brushes and three eye brushes, the collection covers nearly every part of the face. As of press time, there's some good news about its status, too. The collection is still available over at the Sigma Beauty website.

The five brush collection retails for $69, a total steal compared to it's $99 retail value. Basically, it's an incredible value. Plus, with Aina's affiliate code, fans can save an additional 10 percent. Clearly, you need the set right now.

If you want to get the collection, though, I'd recommend moving fast. Aina's fans are stoked about the set, and if I had to guess, it's bound to sell out.

Some were ready and waiting before Sigma even sent the e-mail announcement that they had launched.

Others are rejoicing that they were one of the first to snatch it up.

Clearly, Jackie Aina's Sigma Beauty Brush Set is a hit, and if you've been waiting patiently since the talented vlogger announced the collection, you may want to move fast. It appears that you've got some competition to snag the set.